The Great Christmas Light Fight: Glenwood, Saugerties, Red Cross & Dayton

In the fourth episode of the Great Christmas Light Fight from season five judge Carter Oosterhouse has a difficult task ahead of him! He will be deciding which of the four Christmas light displays presented before him should win the $50,000 prize and coveted Christmas Light trophy. The first contenders are the Albrecht family from Glenwood, Utah. Their massive display cascades up a mountainside and is sure to impress with its sheer size and beauty. The second contestants are the Sussin family from Saugerties, New York. This father-son duo have balanced brains and brawn perfectly in their quarter-acre property filled with festive lights. Next is the Robinson family from Red Cross, North Carolina whose 46-foot mega tree could be considered a work of art. Finally we have the Wright family from Dayton, Texas who faced Hurricane Harvey head-on while still managing to create a beautiful holiday display. It was up to Judge Carter Oosterhouse to decide who will take home both the $50,000 prize and coveted trophy. This episode aired on the ABC channel on December 11, 2017 to 4.31 million viewers.

The Great Christmas Light Fight Displays

The Albrecht Christmas lights in Glenwood, Utah of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Jake Albrecht’s holiday decorations are truly legendary. Every August he breaks out the boxes of decorations, and by Thanksgiving his house is so decked out in lights that it can be seen from miles away. Each year, Jake and his wife Sandy expand their display – they now have more than 80,000 twinkling lights and hundreds of wooden cutouts and inflatables. It’s like the North Pole South!

Their oldest son Jarad has Down Syndrome, and growing up he used to love helping his dad decorate the house. As he says, this way he gets 30 days of Christmas instead of just 30 minutes on Christmas morning. How’s that for making the holiday spirit last?

The Albrechts are generous enough to welcome visitors to their home, so if you’re in the area during the holidays, stop by and take a look. And be sure you bring your shades: all those lights might be too bright for your eyes! Oh, and don’t forget that even with all that light, their electricity bill only triples from about $150 to $450 a month – not bad! It’s no wonder that Jake Albrecht is the mayor of this county town – he definitely knows how to spread holiday cheer.

The Sussin Christmas lights in Saugerties, New York of the Great Christmas Light Fight

The Sussin Christmas Lights of 123 Patch Road in Saugerties invites everyone to come and feast their eyes on the spectacular display that is the annual Christmas light show. This year’s show promises to be bigger and better than ever, with over 375,000 lights and 100 inflatable displays, making it a must-see spectacle not to be missed. Visitors should make sure to check the family’s Facebook page for weather cancellations and Santa’s schedule, as he will usually be making appearances on Friday and Saturday nights.

Sussin Family Christmas Lightshow courtesy Tacky Light Tour
Sussin Family Christmas Lightshow courtesy Tacky Light Tour

The show runs every night from Nov. 29 to Jan. 1, 5-10 p.m., weather permitting, so come by any time you can. Those who want to view the show from the comfort of their cars can do so, but those who would like to park and walk should make sure they park up the road from the display and as far off the road as possible in order to keep traffic moving.

Although the Sussins didn’t win The Great Christmas Light Fight, they still look back on the experience fondly. This whole affair is a joint father-son project between Troy and Zach Sussin – it all started one year when Zach went to Walmart to get a Halloween costume and came out with a box of lights instead! Zach will be directing the building projects this year, as well as managing the technical elements of the show, while Troy will be bringing Zach’s decorative concepts to life as Christmas lights in Saugerties, New York.

The Robinson Christmas lights in Red Cross, North Carolina of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Darin Robinson takes his holiday hobby very seriously and it’s something he looks forward to all year long. He spends countless hours working on the display, making sure every single light is just right. Although he was unable to win the “Great Christmas Light Fight,” that doesn’t stop him from continuing his work each year. Taking a cue from his home state of North Carolina, this year’s display will feature themes based on the mountains, coast, and other iconic imagery.

Robinson is also very conscious about leaving the lights running all night so that late-night drivers can appreciate his work. He has 192 channels of light o rama controllers and over 100,000 functions. To ensure that his Christmas display in Red Cross, North Carolina is energy efficient, Robinson uses mostly LED Christmas lights.

Robinson’s dedication has not gone unnoticed in the community. People often stop by to see the display and bring them Christmas cookies, while others even want to pray with the Robinsons. Despite all of this kindness, they don’t accept any donations. Robinson is just happy to be able to brighten people’s day and bring joy to his community.

The Wright Christmas lights in Dayton, Ohio of the Great Christmas Light Fight

The Wright family’s Christmas wonderland in Dayton, Texas is truly a magical sight to behold. With roaring forests of fir trees and seemingly endless miles of winding pathways covered over with thousands of twinkling lights, the Wright’s wintery oasis has been dazzling visitors for more than two decades.

It all began twenty years ago, when Paul Wright and his family decided to put up a small Christmas display. Although humble in its beginnings, the Wright’s curiosity and enthusiasm for spreading holiday cheer soon saw their display grow into something truly extraordinary. Now it consists of tens of thousands of lights, mostly LEDs to help keep electric bills down.

The Wright family achieved further recognition for their remarkable Christmas extravaganza when they won $50,000 from ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight and were dubbed the “Christmas people” by their community.

The Great Christmas Light Fight Season 5 Episode 4 Hosts

About Taniya Nayak of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Taniya Nayak is a renowned interior designer and television personality. She’s best known for her appearances on shows like HGTV’s Design Star, Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible, and Spike TV’s Bar Rescue. She is also the founder of Taniya Nayak Design, a boutique firm that offers design services to both residential and commercial clients.

Taniya is a striking woman, with her vibrant personality and beautiful features that she brings to each of her projects. Her long dark hair and bright blue eyes make her a standout in the design world. She stands tall at 5’8” and has an impressive style which includes both bold colors and modern designs. Taniya often wears bright colors and patterns that reflect her fearless approach to design.

Through her projects, she brings a bold and stylish freshness to interior design. Armed with an arsenal of knowledge in classic and contemporary aesthetics, Taniya is able to transform any space into a visually stunning masterpiece. Her signature style is often described as casual and comfortable, yet timelessly fashionable.

Taniya’s unique design aesthetic is a combination of her modern fashion sense, passion for art, and understanding of architectural elements. Her designs are both sophisticated and inviting, giving her clients a place to call home that is both stylish and functional.

As one of the top interior designers in the country, Taniya has been featured in publications such as Elle Decor, Better Homes & Gardens, and House Beautiful. She is also a regular judge on HGTV’s Design Star All-Stars. Through her work she continually proves that with her eye for design, any space can become stunning.

Taniya Nayak is an expert in both form and function, a woman with beauty that radiates into her art. Every one of her projects demonstrates her talent for design and passion for creating environments that are both comfortable and stylish. With Taniya at the helm, any space can be transformed into something special.

About Carter Oosterhouse of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Carter Oosterhouse is an American television personality, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and carpenter. He gained fame as the host of several home improvement television programs including Trading Spaces on TLC, Red Hot & Green on HGTV, and Carter Can and Million Dollar Room on NBC. In addition to hosting shows he has been a guest judge on several shows including Food Network’s Cupcake Wars and All-Star Academy, NBC’s American Dream Builders, ABC’s The Chew and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Oosterhouse is widely recognized for his chiseled good looks as well as his talent. He was named one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive in 2005 and was voted one of the Top Ten Sexiest Men on Television by TV Guide in 2009. He is also an Ambassador for the American Heart Association, a role model for organizations that support Mental Health awareness, and a spokesperson for the National Park Foundation.

Carter is passionate about his work and giving back to others, and his philanthropic projects focus on green building, health and nutrition, children’s safety, education and the environment. His work has been recognized by several organizations including Green America, Detroit Public Schools and The Air & Waste Management Association.

Oosterhouse is a shining example of handsome good looks combined with a generous heart that makes him one of the most admired men on television today. Whether he’s volunteering his time or inspiring others to make a difference, Carter Oosterhouse continues to impress us with his passion for helping those in need. By inspiring others and investing in our communities, he is truly an example of handsomeness and benevolence combined.

Along with his philanthropic efforts, Carter Oosterhouse is also a successful author, entrepreneur and carpenter. He has authored several home improvement books and has been featured on many popular television shows. With his ever growing list of accomplishments and appearances, it’s no wonder why this handsome man continues to be an inspiration for so many.

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