The Great Christmas Lights Fight – Pleasonton, Hillsboro, St. George & Duluth

On December 14th, 2015, ABC aired the fourth episode of season three of The Great Christmas Light Fight which brought in a viewership of 4.39 million people immediately after the previous episode aired. The Great Christmas Lights Fight Season 3 Episode 4 showcased the incredible holiday displays of families from Pleasanton, CA; Hillsboro, TN; St. George, UT and Duluth, MN. From a magical twinkle-light display in California to an elaborate gingerbread house mall in Tennessee, each family brought its own unique holiday flair. Then there was Utah with its colorful nativity scene complete with live animals and Minnesota’s dazzling 30-foot tall Santa sleigh that lit up the sky! With four breathtaking light shows vying for top honors, this episode was sure to be spectacular. Tuning into The Great Christmas Light Fight was an experience you should catch on rerun!

Contestants of The Great Christmas Light Fight Season 3 Episode 4

Great Christmas Lights Fight Season 3 Episode 4
Great Christmas Lights Fight Season 3 Episode 4

On The Great Christmas Lights Fight Season 3 Episode 4, viewers were introduced to four incredible families from across the United States. The Widmer family hailed from Pleasanton, CA, where their beautiful twinkle-light display enchanted all who saw it. From Hillsboro, TN the Winton’s showed 4 acres of including an elaborate gingerbread house mall that was sure to delight. Then there was St. George, UT and their colorful nativity scene complete with live animals for a truly unique holiday experience. Last but not least, Duluth MN brought a dazzling 30-foot tall Santa sleigh that lit up the sky! This episode of The Great Christmas Lights Fight showcased the creativity and passion these families have for the holiday season!

The Widmer World Christmas Lights in Pleasonton, California

To ensure they were ready to film, the Widmer family had to work tirelessly in scorching heat to revamp and complete the display by late September. Retired software consultant Dan Widmer has been adorning his yard with festive decorations since 1981. He crafted all of the wooden designs and carousels housed in his Fairlands estate in Pleasanton. His children, their spouses, grandchildren and a few close family friends make up the hard-working crew that is Widmer-World. In order to cover expenses such as photos with Santa and utilities, Widmer-World has donation boxes available for visitors. All monies donated over costs are then passed along to various charities chosen by the family.

Pleasanton, California is a small town located in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s a vibrant and diverse community that is home to many businesses, parks and other recreational amenities. Pleasanton is known for its great schools, quality of life, and friendly neighborhoods. It also offers residents plenty of opportunities to get involved in their community through events, activities, and more! From festivals and fairs to concerts and special events, there’s always something happening in the lively city of Pleasanton.

The Great Christmas Lights Fight showcased the incredible holiday display of one family from Pleasonton, California. This family created a magical twinkle-light display that enchanted everyone who saw it. From strings of white lights to colorful rainbow bulbs, this unique and captivating display illuminated the winter night sky. The beautiful array of lights was on full display for all to enjoy as part of The Great Christmas Lights Fight Season 3 Episode 4!

The Winton Christmas Lights in Hillsboro, Tennessee

Jordan Winton, a junior at CCCHS, has been getting ready to present his Christmas light show for many years now. Starting in the 1990s, the Winton family has provided Coffee County with a very special gift during the holidays. This display requires 400,000 lights and 12 miles of cable and is one of the largest holiday light presentations in Tennessee, spread over 4 acres of land.

Hillsboro, Tennessee is a small town located in central Tennessee. The town has a rich history in several industries, including farming, forestry and mining. Today, the town is home to many businesses and activities that bring people together. Visitors can explore a variety of historic sites, go fishing, have picnics at the local lakes and parks or just sit back and relax while appreciating the beautiful scenery of Hillsboro’s rolling hills. With its charming atmosphere and quaint neighborhoods, Hillsboro is a great destination for anyone seeking an enjoyable getaway!

The Christmas Lights in Hillsboro, Tennessee is an annual holiday event that draws people from all around the region and beyond! People come to see the amazing light displays that blanket the city as they create a magical atmosphere. Every December, locals compete in an exciting competition to win the coveted title of “Champion of Christmas Lights”. From extravagant animated displays and classic light-bulb decor to elaborate trees and custom designs, each year the competition continues to up the ante for those participating.

The Christmas Lights in St. George, Utah

Dan Olsen, aka ‘The Christmas Light Guy,’ is best known for his extravagant displays of Christmas lights in his neighborhood of St. George. Each year, he decorates a different home with more than 100,000 LED lights. These lavish displays have become a holiday tradition and attract visitors from near and far to view the spectacle.

The Olsen Christmas Lights featured on The Great Christmas Lights Fight on ABC

St. George, Utah is a vibrant and growing city located in the southwestern part of the state. It is home to beautiful natural attractions such as red rock canyons, stunning wildlife, and plenty of outdoor activities, making it an ideal destination for adventurers. The city boasts several cultural landmarks, including the historic Brigham Young Winter Home and Museum and Zion National Park.

The Christmas Lights in Duluth, Minnesota

Located in the heart of Minnesota, Duluth is a picturesque port city that offers a wide range of experiences for visitors. From beautiful waterfront parks and trails to world-class attractions like the Great Lakes Aquarium, there’s something to delight everyone who comes here. With easy access to popular outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, and kayaking, Duluth is an ideal destination for nature lovers. The city hosts year-round events like the Bayfront Blues Festival, the Frostbite Music Festival, and Alyeska ClimbFest

The Hosts of The Great Christmas Light Fight Season 3 Episode 4

About Carter Oosterhouse of The Great Christmas Light Fight

Cater Oosterhouse of The Great Christmas Lights Fight
Carter Oosterhouse on set of The Great Christmas Lights Fight

Award-winning television host, carpenter and producer Carter Oosterhouse is best known for his role as the host of ABC’s hit holiday competition series, The Great Christmas Light Fight. Oosterhouse grew up on a small farm in Traverse City, Michigan and attended Central Michigan University to earn a degree in construction management. After graduating in 1996, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in television production.

For the past two decades, Oosterhouse has achieved great success with shows related to home improvement including Trading Spaces, The Biggest Loser, Million Dollar Rooms and Carter Can! His remarkable efforts have been acknowledged with an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Host in a Lifestyle/How-To Program. He has consistently demonstrated his dedication to helping people bring their home improvement projects to life — from simple lampshade replacements to constructing brand new room additions!

In 2013, Oosterhouse became the proud host of The Great Christmas Light Fight — providing families across America the chance to create amazing lighting displays that compete for a grand prize worth $50,000. As executive producer on the show too, he ensures its smooth running each season.

When he’s not working, Carter Oosterhouse devotes his energy to helping multiple dog rescues throughout California, such as Doggy Bonez & Catnip Dreams Animal Rescue in North Hollywood and Senior Paws Pet Adoptions located in Sherman Oaks.

About Taniya Nayak of The Great Christmas Light Fight

Taniya Nayak is a highly acclaimed interior designer and television personality, having made her mark on HGTV, Food Network, and many DIY projects. She first joined the cast of Trading Spaces as a design assistant, eventually climbing the ranks to become one of the show’s leading designers.

Nayak’s unique style has allowed her to work on high-end luxury projects with brands like Robert Allen Design and Uttermost, as well as starred in her own shows such as Deserving Design with Taniya Nayak and Taniya’s Tea Room on The Cooking Channel. Her signature approach combines modern elements with classic sophistication while maintaining maximum comfortability throughout every project.

Most recently, she was picked as one of the judges for ABC’s popular holiday competition series The Great Christmas Light Fight alongside host Carter Oosterhouse where she provides meaningful input to help families design their dream holiday décor — all while competing for a grand prize worth $50,000!

Nayak also dedicates much of her time advocating for cancer awareness by visiting children’s hospitals across the US. She contributes to special needs programs like Special Olympics Massachusetts where she serves as honorary coach/celebrity mentor too.

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