Crazy Christmas Lights TV Special on TLC

Christmas on Wendhurst from Crazy Christmas Lights on TLC
Christmas on Wendhurst in Glen Allen, Virginia featured in Crazy Christmas Lights on TLC

Crazy Christmas Lights is a TV show which takes viewers deep into Christmas light enthusiasm with over-the-top Christmas light displays from coast to coast and even parts of Europe that aired on TLC every Christmas season from 2006 through 2016. The show was captured and edited by Original Productions in 2005 in order to premier on TLC (The Learning Channel) in 2006, and was replayed for 10 subsequent Christmas seasons. It became a fond Christmas tradition for thousands of regular viewers. The show took people on a wild ride of fun and adventure through some of the craziest Christmas displays around the world, but focused on four over-the-top displays in Richmond, Virginia! It features the Phifers, Thompsons, Hudaks, and Hudgins displays in a friendly competition for the original mega bulb trophy created by

The show takes viewers behind-the-scenes of Christmas lighting enthusiasts. It shows different approaches to overloading electrical panels, accessing dangerous vertical positions and creatively leveraging every square inch of a house to mount Christmas lights then store them in off seasons. The show also captures the motivations that led each family to start decorating in some cases many decades prior.

Original Christmas Light Trophy Award from
Original Christmas Light Trophy Award from

The episode ends with Matt Burgess of presenting Rose and Bobby Phifer with the oversized Christmas light bulb trophy. The Phifer family was overwhelmed with joy and brought to tears realizing so many people in their community had chosen their display as the best among three other awe-inspiring Christmas displays.

Crazy Christmas Lights featured the Phifers, Thompsons, Hudaks and Hudgins Displays

The Phifers, Thompsons, Hudaks and Hudgins were some of the most memorable families featured in Crazy Christmas Lights. They all took part in the Tacky Light Tour of Richmond, Virginia. The show followed these four families as they went all out with their festive decorations, from 260,000 lights synchronized to music to a full-size Santa’s workshop! This family-friendly tour was an incredible experience for the viewers and these families, and culminated in a huge Christmas light trophy presented by that brought the Phifers to tears.

The Phifers at 9604 Asbury Court in Crazy Christmas Lights

The Phifers of 9604 Asbury Court in Henrico, Virginia were ahead of their time; since 1974 they have been decorating their house for Christmas. They served as a great inspiration throughout Richmond and many locals recognize them as one the people who popularized and helped develop the now worldwide phenomenon known as the Tacky Light Tour. Every holiday season, tourists and neighbors alike come to gape at their display that features lights gorgeously swaying ideas and stories.

Every year it become more and more revered. So much so that in 2005 gave them an award in recognition of the many lovely lights they put up! As if that weren’t enough to make crowds flock to the destination year after year, in 2017 they were even featured on ABC’s Great Christmas Light Fight!

Up until 2022, those living near this area had designated it onto the map; with two buildings adorning millions of stunning lights, delighted onlookers came out In buses and vans looking for a jaw-dropping holiday experience! It was recognized every year for its bustling popularity that routinely caused traffic jams.

Al Thompson at 9716 Wendhurst Drive in Crazy Christmas Lights

Al and Esther Thompson’s home is a sight like no other–it’s ablaze with more than 200,000 lights and 2,300 decorations! Their beautiful display has caught the eye of viewers near and far, resulting in them gaining recognition across many major media outlets–Bruce Littlefield’s “Merry Christmas, America!”, TLC’s “Crazy Christmas Lights”, CBS Sunday Morning, NBC Nightly News and USA Today have all featured The Thompson’s Christmas display as one the nation’s best.  Not to mention their astounding success in ABCs hit TV show ‘The Great Christmas Light Fight’, which they won first prize in 2016!

But it doesn’t stop there as their craftsmanship has also been acknowledged beyond its aesthetic appeal: titles awarded by awards of distinction such as’s Most Likely To Be Seen From Space Award, The Charlie Brown Award (Loudest) and The Randy Award (Most Stuff In Least Space) allow admirers to appreciate magnificence beyond its looks.

Experience The Thompson’s magic at Christmas on Wendhurst ever for yourselves–they’ll be lighting up this Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve Night!

Frank Hudak, aka Mr. Christmas, at 2300 Wistar Court in Crazy Christmas Lights

Frank Hudak, affectionately known as Mr. Christmas, has become something of a celebrity himself after amassing over 100 illuminated figures and decorations in his dazzling display that can be heard on radio FM 107.7! His first ever ‘Tacky Christmas Lights’ contest win for $100 back in 1973 was donated to the Salvation Army Children’s Shoe Fund – since then he’s raised an incredible total of $175K for charity whilst being featured by the likes of The New York Times Magazine, NPR & TLC’s Crazy Christmas Lights show – not forgetting Celebrities such as Jimmy Buffett & Oscar Meyer dropping by too! Such is its success it has even been inducted into Virginia Historical Society- so come see what all the fuss is about this Winter season with Frank and have your festive wishes answered right before you eyes!

Hudgins at 6444 Little Sorrel Drive in Crazy Christmas Lights

Sherry and Chuck Hudgins, from Hanover County, make an awe-inspiring spectacle every holiday season called Christmas Fantasyland. Each year, their stunning display of Christmas lights on Little Sorrel Drive receives nationwide recognition—ABC’s Great Christmas Light Fight and The Learning Channel have both featured the family.

Christmas Fantasyland from Crazy Christmas Lights on TLC
Christmas Fantasyland in Hanover, Virginia featured on TLC’s Crazy Christmas Lights

Their decorations are elaborate, with hundreds of lights along with a Mickey House, Santa Workshop, cutouts of Disney characters (and even reindeer launch pads) brightly adorning the yard. Every element is selected and created by the couple, who puts in months of preparation ahead of time.

And like clockwork each Holiday season, the neighborhood joins in on the festive atmosphere; candy canes line down the road leading to their whimsical home!

What is Crazy Christmas Lights?: Crazy Christmas Lights is a tv show that travels from coast to coast and even parts of Europe to find some of the craziest Christmas displays of the holiday season. It features over-the-top Christmas light displays from the Phifers, Thompsons, Hudaks, and Hudgins on the Tacky Light Tour of Richmond, Virginia.

The Tacky Light Tour of Richmond, Virginia: The Tacky Light Tour or “TLT” as it is affectionately known grew organically from a strong uprising of DIY Christmas lighting enthusiasts in Richmond, Virgnia in the 1970s. It’s a collection of competitive light displays where the participants were eventually vying for the coveted “Tacky Light Trophy” presented to the Phifers, who were brought to tears by winning this large Christmas light bulb trophy presented by, in 2006.

Crazy Christmas Lights is a TV show that brings people on a wild ride of fun and holiday spirit through some of the craziest Christmas displays from around the world. From the Tacky Light Tour of Richmond, Virginia to 260,000 lights digitally synchronized to Christmas music, this tv show has something for everyone! If you’re looking for a unique holiday experience, then let this TV show guide you through the holidays with Crazy Christmas Lights!

The Tacky Light Tour

The Tacky Light Tour is a collection of the best homes decorated with over-the-top Christmas lights. It is a tradition that organically grew from a few displays in Richmond, Virginia starting in the 1970s to several hundred in Richmond, Virginia. In 2005, an official website was created for the Tacky Light Tour at In 2006, a show called Crazy Christmas Lights on The Learning Channel (TLC) introduced the Tacky Light Tour to viewers across North America and Europe.

The Learning Channel

The Learning Channel (TLC) first aired in 1972. Initially, it was dedicated to providing instructional programs about nature and wildlife. However, with the emergence of reality TV in the late 1990s, TLC began to shift its focus towards more entertaining content such as makeup tutorials and medical documentaries. In 2006, it launched Crazy Christmas Lights, a show that brought sparkles of Holiday cheer to viewers from all over the world. The channel enabled Crazy Christmas Lights to be seen by viewers from coast-to-coast and parts of Europe to experience these festive creations in all their glory!

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