The Great Christmas Light Fight: A Christmas Shakeup

Great Christmas Light Fight Season 1 Episode 4, “A Christmas Shakeup”, aired on December 23, 2003 on ABC and had 4.95 million viewers tuning in from all around America to watch the show. Hosted and judged by Michael Moloney and Sabrina Soto, it featured four families competing for a trophy and $50,000.

ABC brings Christmas joy to our TV screens with their heartwarming series The Great Christmas Light Fight. Families and groups put great effort into creating stunning light displays that capture the true spirit of the holidays! A panel of judges carefully inspects each one, awarding points for use of lights, design and festive cheer – before crowning a winner who will take home an impressive $50K prize along with a special trophy like the Tacky Award created by and presented to the Phifer family on TLC’s Crazy Christmas Lights television show.

The Great Christmas Light Fight Season 1 Episode 4 Competitors

Great Christmas Light Fight
Great Christmas Light Fight

The first Christmas light display was from the Huntington family, who put up a whopping 23,000 Christmas lights and 10 Christmas inflatables in their front lawn.

The second Christmas light display featured 25,000 Christmas lights and over 15 Christmas inflatables set up by the Sexton family.

The third Christmas light display was from the Ferullo family, who put up 7 Christmas trees with an array of Christmas lights, Christmas inflatables, and Christmas decorations.

Lastly, the fourth Christmas light display was from the Lewis family, with 9 Christmas trees decorated with 30,000 Christmas lights and 15 Christmas inflatables.

The competition ended in a tie between the Sexton and Ferullo families, who both received the Christmas Light Fight trophy and $50,000. All of the Christmas light displays were truly remarkable, with each family putting in more than enough Christmas cheer! Great Christmas Light Fight Season 1 Episode 4 was a huge success and an even bigger inspiration for Christmas spirit.

The Great Christmas Light Fight Season 1 Episode 4 Hosts

Hosted by renowned designer and stylist Sabrina Soto that travels across the country scouting incredible light displays, mom can enjoy hearing style guru Michael Moloney deliver his expert judgement alongside other judges as they determine which display will take the honor. Joe Cipriano’s voice adds excitement throughout the episode.

About Michael Moloney of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Michael Moloney has been spreading festive cheer since 2013 when he joined the hit show, The Great Christmas Light Fight. With his expertise and insight on each light display, Michael brings a level of joy to millions around the world as they watch him crown one contestant with this holiday honor every year! His presence in our homes during Christmastime helps people feel connected through shared merriment – what could be more magical than that?

Michael Moloney, born on a sparkling December day in 1964, has been creating bright moments of entertainment since 2003. His work as a designer and actor is celebrated around the world – from his memorable turns in Clean House and Less Than Perfect to captivating audiences with Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

In addition to his role on The Great Christmas Light Fight, Michael Moloney has also been featured in other great television shows. Most notably he was a part of the cast on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for nine seasons. On this show, Michael and the rest of the design team would help transform homes in need into beautiful new homes. Michael’s role was to take the lead on the construction of each home, working closely with builders and carpenters to make sure that nothing went wrong. This great experience helped Michael develop his skills as a great contractor and enabled him to judge great designs for The Great Christmas Light Fight.

About Sabrina Soto of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Sabrina Soto is the perfect judge to have on ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight! She brings a wealth of experience as an interior designer, television host and lifestyle product designer – all helpful when deciding which contestant should be awarded the top prize. Her expertise helps herevaluate each light display with creativity and enthusiasm; looking for ideas that are unique while appreciating overall design elements like color coordination and the use of lights. With Sabrina at the judging table it makes every episode even more enjoyable!

Sabrina Soto has made a remarkable career for herself – from learning design techniques at her mom’s side as she grew up in Miami to becoming the respected television host, real estate agent and interior designer we know today. With experience ranging across TLC, MTV and Yahoo!, we have Sabrina to thank each time we tune into Get It Sold (2007). Away from work you’ll find this Cuban-American appreciating nature through beach trips, hikes and cooking adventures where recipes become new creations!

About Joe Cipriano of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Joe Cipriano is the spark that guides viewers through ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight each year. He adds an extra level of cheer with his enthusiasm and energy, ensuring a delightful viewing experience as he introduces contestants, judges, and ultimately helps announce which family has won the coveted title of best holiday light display. His presence illuminates every episode!

Joe’s career in radio began when he was still a junior at Watertown High School and kept spinning the greatest hits on hometown station, Watherbury – Connecticut. From there, his success story only had one direction to go! After meeting his wife while working for NBC inWashington D.C., they moved off to sunny Los Angeles where Joe landed DJ jobs with KHTZ, KKHR and eventually ascending as the voice of Fox Television network (1988) all before becoming CBS’ man behind the mic many years later (1997). On top of that impressive resume sits two beautiful children: Dayna born 1984 and Alex following three years after into 1987– each blessed their parents with something special. Even today you can catch him voicing promos across FOX’s airwaves plus both CBS & Food Network alike showcasing just how much love this self-made maverick has for what he does best even four decades deep!

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