How to Create a Lighted Christmas Star with a Hula Hoop

In this guide we’ll show you how to create a symmetrically perfect Christmas star for your over-the-top holiday decorations.

Materials Needed for the Christmas Star Decoration

Step 1: Determine the length of the hula hoop’s perimeter

Hula Hoop Christmas Light Star
Hula Hoop Christmas Light Star

To determine the length of a hula hoop’s perimeter, you will need to first measure the diameter of the hoop. This can be done with a flexible measuring tape or ruler. Make sure to measure from one side of the hoop to the other. Once you have determined the diameter, simply multiply it by pi (3.14). The result will give you the circumference of the hoop, which is equivalent to its perimeter.

Step 2: Make five equally distanced marks on the hula hoop

Divide the length of the hula hoop’s perimeter by five.Wrap a point of the hula hoop with electrical tape, then wrap another point on the hula hoop a fifth of the hula hoop’s perimeter from the previous point. Continue placing three more markers with electrical tape until equally distanced from the previous.

Step 3: Wrap hula hoop with Christmas lights

Starting at one of the electrical tape markers, wrap the hula hoop with Christmas lights. Use at least one whole string of Christmas lights, but feel free to use as many strings of Christmas lights as you’d like. Of course, the more lights the better, but if you are using incandescent lights please be mindful of electrical load limits that may cause breakders to trip. However, you wrap the hula hoop try to have the beginning of end of the string start or stop near one of the electrical tape markers.

Step 4: Form star by connecting marks with Christmas lights

Finally, using another string of Christmas lights connect a marker to a marker using electrical tape. Then, connect it not to the next marker but the second next marker you find along the hula hoop using electrical tape. Repeat the previous step until you have arrived back to the original marker you started with. This should result in a star formation within the hula hoop.

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