Aurora Lights: Jonathan Call of Christmas on Bails Place in Colorado

In the heart of Aurora, Colorado, at 17772 East Bails Place, something truly magical happens every holiday season. This dazzling phenomenon goes by the name “Christmas on Bails Place,” and it’s brought to life by the creative mind of Jonathan Call. His mesmerizing display is not only a festive treat for the eyes but a testament to the power of inspiration, family traditions, and the joy of spreading holiday cheer.

Jonathan Call's Christmas lights in Aurora, Colorado
Jonathan Call’s Christmas lights in Aurora, Colorado

Inspiration Strikes Call: A Glowing Journey Begins

As with many creative endeavors, inspiration often comes from unexpected sources. For Jonathan, his muse was a blend of television, YouTube, and a burning desire to outdo the neighbors in the best possible way. He fondly recalls watching the wild and whimsical displays on shows like “Crazy Christmas Lights” on TLC, which sparked the idea of creating his own festive wonderland to become known as Aurora Colorado’s Christmas lights in 2004.

But the real spark came from his family. The memories of Christmases past, the shared laughter, and the joy of seeing the gleam in children’s eyes all combined to drive Call’s passion for creating a stunning holiday spectacle.

A Tapestry Woven Through Generations: From 16065 Lights to Infinite Love

Christmas lighting expert, Jonathan Call
Christmas lighting expert, Jonathan Call

At the heart of “Christmas on Bails Place” lies a beautiful narrative woven through generations. What started as a personal dream to outshine the neighbors grew into a family tradition, with each passing year adding new dimensions and elements to the display. Jonathan’s favorite scene, a 6-foot-tall star and drape formation, encapsulates this spirit perfectly. With its vibrant colors and intricate design, it stands as a symbol of the bond between different generations working together to create something beautiful.

This scene, illuminated by 8 C9 25-light strings with retro fit LED bulbs, complemented by a set of 8 mini LED 100-count light strings, dances in harmony thanks to a 4-channel 8-function light chaser. Its red, blue, white, and green hues paint a mesmerizing picture against the canvas of the night sky.

Battling Challenges: Aurora Lights That Shine Through Snow and Struggles

As with any creative endeavor, challenges are part of the journey. For Call, the most formidable challenge lies within the branches of a magnificent maple tree. Adorning it with 20 vertically hung C7 light strands, he strives to keep them taut and unyielding throughout the season. His dance wrapping lights between foliage is a testament to his determination and dedication.

Yet, the challenges extend beyond the branches. A wet and heavy snowfall once conspired to knock out a quarter of his display, testing his resolve. Through it all, his Aurora lights continue to shine, undeterred by the whims of nature.

A Brilliant Ode to Family and Joy

Jonathan’s display doesn’t merely showcase the festive spirit; it embodies the essence of togetherness and joy. With approximately 60 hours dedicated to setup each year, and a heartwarming collaboration between him and a family member, the display becomes a canvas where generations join hands in the name of celebration.

View of Jonathan Call's Christmas lights in Aurora
View of Jonathan Call’s Christmas lights in Aurora

Aurora Lights: Igniting Smiles and Dreams

Call’s efforts are inspirational. Every year, his display brings smiles to those who witness its magic. From the children who gaze in awe at the twinkling lights to the passersby who pause to savor the beauty, “Christmas on Bails Place” transforms ordinary nights into extraordinary memories.

With approximately 16,000 lights illuminating his creation, Jonathan estimates an additional $120 is spent on electricity in December. Yet, these dollars are an investment in the joy of the community, a contribution to the shared delight that lights up the holiday season.

Call’s Bright Future: Dreams Set to Aurora Lights

As the years pass, Call’s commitment to his Aurora lights only deepens. With every passing season, he strives to add more magic to the display, enhancing the enchantment for all who visit. And while challenges may come and go, his unwavering dedication is a beacon of hope and inspiration.

In a world often mired in routine, “Christmas on Bails Place” stands as a reminder of the magic that lies within creativity, tradition, and the simple act of spreading joy. It’s a testament to the power of Aurora lights to transform not just a neighborhood, but the hearts of everyone who basks in their glow. So, if you find yourself in Aurora during the holiday season, make sure to follow the lights to 17772 E Bails Place, where a world of enchantment awaits.

Map of Christmas on Bails Place in Aurora, Colorado
Map of Christmas on Bails Place in Aurora, Colorado
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