The Great Christmas Light Fight: Riverview, Peckville, Richmond & Bismarck

The third episode of season five of The Great Christmas Light Fight aired on ABC on December 11, 2017 to 4.31 million viewers.

The Richards/Silver families of Riverview, Florida are the epitome of holiday cheer. Every year they put on an impressive synchronized light show that amazes their neighbors and draws in thousands of tourists to their small town. Visitors can marvel at the multiple designs and sequences as each house perfectly mirrors its neighbor with colorful lights that twinkle to a musical soundtrack.

The Harhut family of Peckville, Pennsylvania puts on one of the biggest holiday displays in the United States. Each year they use more than 1,300 blow molds to create life-size representations of classic Christmas characters like Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman. Passersby can even join in on their annual tradition of a hayride around the Harhut family’s display.

In Henrico, Virginia, the Phifer family has created something special for holiday lovers and tech fans alike. Their display features an 80-foot tall real-life mega tree and Santa tracker that lets visitors follow Santa’s journey on Christmas Eve. From flashy elves to a giant sleigh, the Phifer family has carefully crafted an unforgettable holiday experience for everyone.

Finally, in Bismarck, North Dakota, the Wilz family shows their patriotism through their display. Designed by military siblings who have served our country overseas, this heartfelt display features custom-made toys and American flags that proudly line the front lawn. It’s a touching reminder of the family’s love for their country and commitment to celebrating the holidays in style.

The Great Christmas Light Fight Displays

The Richards/Silver Christmas lights in Riverview, Florida of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Mike Richards and Rob Silver have been neighbors for four years — they started out as friendly competitors, trying to see who could put up the best holiday light display. Silver had a traditional Christmas light set up that he proudly displayed each year, until his neighbor moved in with their modern LED lights.

Richards runs his own lighting and music production company, which enabled him to take his light display to the next level. With his professional grade gear and expertise, Richards was able to synchronize the lights with the music for a truly unique experience. Silver owns Dynamic Painting USA, so he specializes in colors and worked hard to make sure every square inch of his property was covered in different shades of light.

The two began decorating in September, and had eight songs that were synchronized to the light display. When it was all said and done, Taniya Nayak — a renowned judge for holiday displays — came by to check out their work. The neighbors eagerly awaited her decision, but in the end there could only be one winner.

Nevertheless, both Richards and Silver agreed it was a fun experience that they could share with their community. While the competition part of it was exciting, what really mattered to them both is that everyone in the neighborhood had something beautiful and festive to look at during the holiday season. Ultimately, their efforts brought joy to those around them, and that’s what mattered most.

The Harhut Christmas lights in Peckville, Pennsylvania of the Great Christmas Light Fight

The Harhuts’ decorations bring joy to many in Lackawanna County – both young and old. They hope that by decking out their homes with Christmas lights, they can help people get into the holiday spirit and make their community a little brighter. The brothers also spend a lot of time finding new decorations to add to their collection. They travel to cities around the country, including New York City and Philadelphia, in search of unique items. Jeff Harhut says they have even ordered things online from as far away as China.

Each year, more and more people come by to see the brothers’ impressive display. Matt and Jeff Harhut said they even have people from other states who come to take pictures in front of their homes. The Harhuts also use the decorations to give back to the community. Every year, they donate a portion of their electric bill to local charities. This has been an important part of their display for more than two decades and it’s something the brothers say helps them get into the holiday spirit even more.

The Phifer Christmas lights in Richmond, Virginia of the Great Christmas Light Fight

The Phifers at 9604 Asbury Court in Henrico, Virginia have been decorating their house for Christmas since 1974. What began as a single home with simple decorations has become an impressive holiday display that brings joy to the community and beyond. Richmonders consider the Phifers one of the original displays that inspired the global phenomena called the Tacky Lights Tour. They continue to be one of the most popular stops on the tour, with their decorations growing more elaborate over time.

The Phifers were honored with the original large Christmas light bulb ‘Tacky Award’ from in 2005, recognizing their dedication and commitment to creating a memorable display. In 2017, the Phifer’s display was featured on ABC’s Great Christmas Light Fight. Until 2022, their decorations spanned across two neighboring properties leading into a cul-de-sac that notoriously caused traffic jams involving vans, limos, party buses and 40-foot chartered buses as visitors flocked to witness the spectacle.

A Phifer Christmas with Taniya Nayak courtesy of Tacky Lights Tour
A Phifer Christmas with Taniya Nayak courtesy of Tacky Lights Tour

After the passing of Bobby Phifer’s mother, her property was sold and now the display is constrained to one property. But despite this setback, the decorations remain as impressive and over-the-top as ever. The Phifers put their heart and soul into making a joyful experience for all those who come to witness it each year, keeping true to the spirit of the holiday season.

The Phifers’ Christmas display is a remarkable local treasure that continues to delight and inspire generations of Richmonders. It stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment, showing what can be achieved when we band together in celebration of Christmas cheer. The Phifers are true originals and it is a privilege to experience the holiday magic they have created.

The Wilz Christmas lights in Bismarck, North Dakota of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Every year, the lights on Chestnut in Bismarck, North Dakota are something to behold. Two military families—sister and brother—go above and beyond during the holiday season to create a dazzling display of Christmas lights that is truly unparalleled. With bright colors reflecting off the white snow blanketing their front yard, these two families turn their street into a wonderland of light and music.

Throughout December, the two families take turns making sure that the Christmas lights show is always running. Every week they add new elements to the display, such as animated figures, glowing snowflakes, or even larger-than-life versions of traditional holiday objects. As visitors stroll down the Chestnut street, they are sure to be dazzled by the creativity of these two families.

When night falls, the display truly comes alive as thousands of colorful Christmas lights twinkle in unison with seasonal tunes. Visitors can listen to classic holiday songs or even some unexpected musical numbers as they admire the two families’ handiwork. The lights truly dance across the night sky and are sure to leave an impression on everyone who visits this special holiday show.

The Lights on Chestnut in Bismarck, North Dakota is something not to be missed during the Christmas season. Join these two military families as they duke it out each year to create the most breathtaking light performance in town.

The Great Christmas Light Fight Season 5 Episode 3 Hosts

About Taniya Nayak of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Taniya Nayak is a multi-talented individual who wears many hats: interior designer, television host, author and philanthropist. She’s been seen on popular shows like A&E’s Fix This Yard and HGTV’s designer series Design Star. As if that weren’t enough for one person to handle, she also runs her own interior design firm and is the author of The Affordable Upgrade.

Taniya Nayak isn’t just a face you see on television; she’s also a funny, down-to-earth person who loves to entertain. From hosting comedy shows at local bars to making random cameos in her friends’ videos, she knows how to make people laugh. She’s also a master of improvisation and can turn any situation into a humorous anecdote on the spot.

Her philosophy in life is that it’s important to have fun, but also take care of yourself and those around you. In 2012, she established The Taniya Nayak Foundation, which provides grants for projects that support local communities. She also mentors young women and encourages them to pursue a career in the design world.

Taniya Nayak is a unique individual who does it all: entertaining, mentoring and designing her way into your hearts. If you ever get the chance to meet this funny lady, don’t hesitate! You won’t regret it. She’s as talented and witty as she is kind-hearted and generous. And that’s what makes Taniya Nayak truly one of a kind.

About Carter Oosterhouse of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Carter Oosterhouse is a gifted carpenter, TV host, and holiday cheerleader who has made a name for himself in the world of design and show-business. Hailing from Michigan, he developed an early enthusiasm for building and construction which led him to pursue a career in carpentry. After acquiring a degree in woodworking and architecture, he embarked on a number of house improvement and restoration assignments – quickly gaining recognition for his craftsmanship, thorough eye for detail and ability to bring even the most ambitious designs to life.

His skills didn’t go unnoticed by TV producers and soon enough Carter was asked to host several popular home renovation series such as HGTV’s Carter Can and Million Dollar Rooms, as well as ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight.

It’s no surprise that Carter has a passion for the holidays – he believes in the power of decorations to bring joy and warmth to any space, constantly seeking out new ways to incorporate holiday elements into his designs.

Carter isn’t just creative though; he is an advocate for sustainability and the green lifestyle. He has authored multiple books about environment-friendly building and design and is devoted to educating people about making more conscious decisions when it comes to construction.

Thanks to his skill, ingenuity, and infectious energy, Carter has become a beloved figure in the design and entertainment realms – inspiring people everywhere to create stunning yet eco-friendly spaces that reflect their personal style and spirit.

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