The Great Christmas Light Fight: Madison, Alexandria, Port St. Lucie & Cleveland

The sixth season of the Great Christmas Light Fight premiered on Friday, November 26, 2018. The first episode of the season drew in a whopping 4.66 million viewers who tuned in to ABC channel as part of their special holiday lineup.

The season was packed with excitement as contestants from all over the country brought their best festive light displays to the table. The Richardsons from Madison, Mississippi, kicked off the competition with their impressive collection of 300 eye-catching inflatables.

Not to be outdone, the Vaughans from Alexandria, Virginia, wowed the audience with their whimsical wire-frame forest installation, bringing classic holiday motifs to life in a new and exciting way.

The Salveson-Sangalli family from Port St. Lucie, Florida, presented a magnificent showcase of 72 expertly themed Christmas trees, each more beautiful than the last.

Last but not least, the Hanleys from Cleveland, Texas, showcased a larger-than-life holiday ranch display that was nothing short of breathtaking.

Leading the charge was the esteemed judge, Taniya Nayak, who faced the tough task of selecting the winner of the $50,000 prize and the coveted Light Fight trophy. With so much talent and creativity on display, the competition was undoubtedly fierce. Nevertheless, the winner emerged, and the season’s conclusion left fans eager for more dazzling displays in the next chapter of the Great Christmas Light Fight.

The Great Christmas Light Fight Displays

The Richardson Christmas lights in Madison, Mississippi of the Great Christmas Light Fight

The Richardson Light Show, located in the heart of Madison, Mississippi, is a family-run, residential drive-by Christmas display that has been delighting guests of all ages for years. The show’s primary goal is to remind visitors about the real reason for the holiday season: the birth of Jesus Christ.

Richardson Light Show in Madison, Mississippi courtesy of the Tacky Light Tour
Richardson Light Show in Madison, Mississippi courtesy of the Tacky Light Tour

In addition to spreading joy and holiday cheer through their magical display, the Richardson family has a deep desire to give back to their community by providing a free-of-charge event that can be enjoyed by all, regardless of their financial status.

The Richardson Light Show boasts a wide range of entertaining and captivating displays, all carefully crafted to evoke a festive and joyful atmosphere. With tons of lights, intricate decorations, and joyful carols playing in the background, visitors are guaranteed a fun and unforgettable experience.

The family’s commitment to their mission of bringing hope and happiness to their community has made them a beloved and trusted fixture in the Madison area. Their passion for the holiday season and the impact they make on visitors’ lives is a testament to their selflessness and giving spirit. The Richardson family looks forward to welcoming both returning and new guests to their wonderful display and providing holiday entertainment, fun, joy, and laughter for all.

The Vaughans Christmas lights in Alexandria, Virginia of the Great Christmas Light Fight

In 1997, the creator of what is now the largest animated residential display in Virginia began decorating his house for Christmas. Each year, he changed the display and added more to it. The house was located across the street from a retirement home, where a woman stopping to talk after seeing the display touched Bill Vaughan’s heart. She explained how Mrs. Edwards, an expert in the display, loved the decorations and got joy and anticipation from it until she passed away a few days after Christmas.

Collingwood Lights in Alexandria Virginia courtesy of the Tacky Light Tour
Collingwood Lights in Alexandria Virginia courtesy of the Tacky Light Tour

For the first time since he began stringing Christmas lights, Bill Vaughan realized that the display was bigger than decorating the house for the family. It meant much more. This event marks the beginning of a display that grew into the largest animated residential display in Virginia and became a part of many visitors’ family Christmas traditions.

The display has grown, but the electricity consumed has dropped 40% in the last four years thanks to the integration of LED energy-saving lighting. Bill adds new elements to the display every year, including strobe lights and lighted wire frames. All the display’s wire frame sculptures, with the exception of three store-bought wire deer, are hand-formed, welded, and fabricated by Bill. Over 4,500 feet of 3/16-inch and 1/4-inch steel rod is used in fabrication.

In 2006, 105 lighted wire frames were used, 80 of which were animated, including leaping deer, shooting stars, concentric stars, and fish jumping in a LED illuminated pond. Bill added animated cone trees, an additional spiral tree, two animated deer herds, and an additional element to the grand finale.

Collingwood Christmas broadcasts Christmas music selections over a low-powered FM transmitter for visitors to tune in and watch the lights dance. As far as extension cords are concerned, in 2006, the creator used 16,760 feet, or nearly three miles of cords, as well as 231 three-way adapters. Collingwood Christmas’s cord total increased every year and reached an astonishing 7 miles. These totals are extension cords only and do not include the miles and miles of light strings attached to them.

How does Bill Vaughan make the lights dance to the music? Using both software and hardware by Animated Lighting, Bill creates a program on the computer that is downloaded to a microprocessor that directs controllers. The controllers command light functions in the display. The small amperage direction, up to 15 amps per channel, is handled directly by the individual controllers. Commands requiring larger amounts of power, in some instances 200 amps, are made through controller commands to externally mounted DC input non-zero cross solid-state relays.

Generally, each minute of music requires around 10 to 12 hours of programming to sync. In 2007, the creator used 15 sixteen-channel controllers and 3 sixty-four-channel controllers. The Christmas display is not just a display, it is a holiday tradition that brings joy and happiness to the community, all thanks to the Bill’s passion for lighting and programming.

The Salveson-Sangalli Christmas lights in Port St. Lucie, Florida of the Great Christmas Light Fight

The Port Saint Lucie Christmas House has been a beloved annual tradition in St Lucie County since 2010. The private home of JW Salveson & Jerome Sangalli is transformed each year into a magical winter wonderland, all for a great cause. The couple generously opens their doors to the public, displaying their beautifully adorned home and sharing their festive spirit with the community.

Thanks to the hard work and commitment of many volunteers, the Port St Lucie Christmas House has become one of the most anticipated events of the year, with all proceeds going to support various local charities. Donations benefit the Boys and Girls Club of St. Lucie County, Dog’s and Cat’s Forever No-Kill Animal Shelter, and Council on Aging, spreading holiday joy and kindness to those in need.

The Christmas House is open to the public from December 7th through December 18th, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. And there is no ticket charge to enter the dazzling display. The only requirement for guests is to bring an unwrapped toy for ClubKids, a fun and interactive program at the Boys and Girls Club of St Lucie County.

The Port St Lucie Christmas House is a feast for the senses, with brightly lit trees, colorful ornaments, and vibrant inflatables. The stunning display provides a visual feast for the eyes, and the warm and welcoming atmosphere creates the perfect backdrop for unforgettable holiday memories.

The Handley Christmas Ranch in Cleveland, Texas of the Great Christmas Light Fight

The Christmas Ranch in Cleveland, Texas, United States, is the ultimate holiday attraction that transforms a 16-acre property into a stunning winter wonderland. The Ranch is home to over 300,000 twinkling Christmas lights, custom-built displays, and an array of activities that create an immersive experience for visitors.

When the Ranch opens to the public on the Friday after Thanksgiving, it is a joyous occasion for the whole community. The Ranch is open until December 31st and welcomes visitors who can either drive or walk through the property to view the impressive displays of lights, decorations, and holiday scenes. The displays are synchronized to holiday music that immediately puts visitors in a festive mood.

The Ranch offers more than just beautiful decorations. There are plenty of fun activities that visitors can participate in, such as visits with Santa Claus, train rides, a petting zoo, a nativity scene, and a holiday market. Kids will love petting and feeding the animals at the petting zoo, while families can shop for unique holiday gifts at the holiday market.

Visitors can also indulge in seasonal treats like hot cocoa and s’mores, making the experience even more delightful. Donations are appreciated, with proceeds benefiting those in need within the community through St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

With its stunning displays of lights, immersive holiday scenes, and fun activities, a trip to The Christmas Ranch is sure to create lasting memories for visitors of all ages.

The Great Christmas Light Fight Season 6 Episode 1 Hosts

About Carter Oosterhouse of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Carter Oosterhouse is a renowned television personality, designer, and philanthropist with a wealth of experience in the world of home improvement and renovation. Known for his charismatic personality and excellent design skills, he has established himself as one of the most sought-after experts in the industry.

Carter Oosterhouse is best known for his role as the host of ‘The Great Christmas Light Fight,’ a popular reality television show on ABC where families compete for a cash prize by creating impressive holiday light displays. Carter’s expertise in home design, lighting, and landscaping has made him the perfect fit for the show, and he has been a vital part of its success since its inception.

In addition to his work on ‘The Great Christmas Light Fight,’ Carter has hosted numerous television shows, including ‘Carter Can,’ ‘Red Hot & Green,’ and ‘Million Dollar Room.’ He has also appeared on several other design and renovation shows, sharing his knowledge and expertise with audiences worldwide.

Off-screen, Carter is an ardent philanthropist who has always been passionate about giving back to communities in need. He is the founder of Carter’s Kids, a non-profit organization that focuses on creating and promoting fitness and wellness initiatives for young children.

Carter Oosterhouse is an exceptional designer, television personality and humanitarian, and his contributions to the entertainment and design industry cannot be overstated. Whether hosting a popular television show, creating beautiful spaces, or helping those in need, he continues to inspire and influence people all over the world.

About Taniya Nayak of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Taniya Nayak is a multi-talented designer, television personality, and entrepreneur who has left an indelible mark on the interior design industry. Known for her distinctive design aesthetic and charming on-screen presence, she has become one of the most recognizable faces in home design and renovation.

Taniya rose to prominence as a designer on HGTV, where she served as the design expert on several popular shows, including ‘Designed to Sell,’ ‘House Hunters on Vacation,’ and ‘Bang for Your Buck.’ Her ability to transform spaces within tight budgets and timelines made her a fan favorite and earned her widespread recognition.

Taniya’s talents and expertise were soon noticed by the producers of ‘The Great Christmas Light Fight,’ an ABC reality show where Taniya serves as a judge. Her unique design perspective and keen eye for detail make her the perfect fit for the show, and she has been instrumental in helping families create impressive holiday light displays.

In addition to her work on television, Taniya is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist. She has a successful line of home accessories called Taniya Nayak Home, and she is involved in numerous charitable organizations that help support causes close to her heart.

With her infectious personality, exceptional design skills, and philanthropic spirit, Taniya Nayak is an inspiration to designers and fans alike. Her contributions to the design industry and to society as a whole continue to make a significant impact, and her star is on the rise.

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