The Great Christmas Light Fight: Brewerton, Portland, Glendale & Hazlet

Great Christmas Light Fight in New Jersey
Great Christmas Light Fight in New Jersey

On December 2, 2019, the ABC channel premiered the 7th season of The Great Christmas Light Fight, which drew in 3.79 million eager viewers. The holiday festivities had officially begun!

Judge Taniya Nayak had the tough decision of deciding who would walk away with the $50,000 prize and coveted Christmas light trophy this holiday season. Fans eagerly anticipated the results on ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight.

The Great Christmas Light Fight Displays of Season 7 Episode 1

The first family to showcase their spectacular holiday display were the Brewsters, who wowed audiences with their “Christmas in New York City” themed spectacle. Their display featured a Herald Square stage with dancers inspired by The Rockettes and a massive Rockefeller Center tree towering over their home in Brewerton, New York.

Next up were the Chiles family, who presented their “Miracle of a Million Lights” display, covering both the inside and outside of their 1880s-era mansion with 60-foot-tall candy cane trees and a life-size snow globe. Their home, located in Portland, Oregon, was a true winter wonderland.

The Sanda twins ingeniously combined their sophisticated DIY skills to create a unique FreeForm lighting technique never before seen on the show. Their display featured handmade motorized controls that created the illusion of twinkling lights, as well as a nativity scene starring a homemade animatronic Santa bearing gifts. Viewers were captivated by their display in Glendale, Arizona.

Finally, the Rose family had an emotional display covering every inch of their house, featuring sensational handmade gingerbread cutouts, an inflatable hugging bear, and a special garden area dedicated to the memory of their daughter. Their home in Hazlet, New Jersey was a true tribute to the holiday season.

Lights on Jacob Lane in Brewerton, New York of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Greg Brewster, a SUNY Oswego graduate from 2005, is fueled by his passion for theatrical productions and lighting design. For the past seven years, Greg has converted his home in Brewerton into a holiday sensation that has garnered the attention of thousands, potentially millions, of viewers. Christmas light fans refer to it as Lights on Jacob Lane. Greg’s personal stage utilizes over 25,000 individually controlled RGB pixels, more than 15 Christmas trees, thousands of LED lights, strobes, video projection, over 5 miles of cable, more than 60,000 channels of computer animation, and is different every year. He spends about a month setting up the physical props and lights for the show. During the tour, Greg also creates back-stage holiday decorations and lighting for the cast and crew to enjoy in one city over the holidays.

Brewerton New York Christmas Lights with Taniya Nayak
Brewerton New York Christmas Lights with Taniya Nayak courtesy of the Tacky Light Tour

Jess, Greg’s partner, supports his passion by managing the Lights on Jacob Lane Facebook page, providing marketing and public relations assistance, and coordinating community partnerships such as Toys for Tots. The Brewster family will collect new, unwrapped toys from 6 to 8 p.m. on Dec. 6 through 8 for Toys for Tots. Furthermore, Jess allows their garage to be used as storage for the holiday decorations throughout most of the year when not in use. The couple also collaborates on selecting a theme or idea to build around, with Jess taking the lead on the physical layout of the props and set pieces in the yard as well as the music choices. Jess shares Greg’s love for theatre, and they both met each other during a play in high school and studied dance together at a studio in the Oneida area. Jess then continued to dance at SUNY Oswego with the Del Sarte club while Greg focused on lighting and sound for the student dance club.

Miracle of a Million Lights in Portland, Oregon of the Great Christmas Light Fight

The Holidays at the Belle, formerly known as Miracle of a Million Lights in Portland, Oregon, is a festive and beautiful event. The 1885 Victorian home is dressed from top to bottom in twinkly lights and tasteful holiday decor. The Victorian Belle becomes a spectacular holiday wonderland during the holiday light display.

On the outside, visitors witness the dazzling lights decorating the home and courtyard. The Victorian Belle’s garden becomes a magical trail of lighted trees and fun creatures. The gazebo features treats for purchase, fun displays, and music.

The best part is exploring the inside of the Victorian Belle, which has every nook and cranny artfully displaying beautiful holiday decor. Walking inside the Victorian Belle is like taking a step back in time. During my first visit, I marvel at the beauty of this artfully restored home while also being blown away by the decorations on all four levels. The holiday light display at the Victorian Belle has visitors awestruck.

The Victorian Belle has special events like photos with Santa are available on Sundays for an additional fee. There is also a special showing of a Rankin & Bass Holiday Movie on a Saturday night, which is included with the admission.

Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for kids. Online tickets include an additional processing fee. Food and drinks are available for purchase. The Victorian Belle also has an amazing gift shop visitors can check out during their visit. The Victorian Belle is located at 1441 N McClellan St. in North Portland.

The Sanda Twins Christmas lights in Glendale, Arizona of the Great Christmas Light Fight

For more than 40 years, the twin brothers Gary and Bob Sanda have been spreading holiday cheer in their communities! It all started when they were just six years old and received their first set of Christmas lights as gifts. From that moment, they were hooked. At 11 years old, they started decorating their own houses, and their love for holiday decor only grew from there. By the time they were 16 years old, they scaled their mission to include community outreach, and their passion for sharing the magic of the holidays has only continued to thrive.

Now, after more than four decades of bringing the joy of the season to their communities, the Sanda brothers are taking their festival of cheer worldwide with the Sanda Family Christmas celebration in Glendale, Arizona! The Sanda Family Christmas is a magical and enchanting event that transports visitors to a winter wonderland, complete with beautiful lights, twinkling displays, and delightful holiday music.

The Johnny’s Hazlet Holiday Light Extravaganza in Hazlet, New Jersey of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Meet John Rose, a man who knows how to brighten up the Christmas season. Far from content with just a few twinkling lights, John goes all out, stringing up an incredible 120,000 illuminations that leave Clark Griswold eating his heart out. Even more impressive, John does everything himself, including hauling an eight-foot reinforced steel sign up to the roof and scaling a 28-foot ladder to hang up Santa’s reindeer. It’s a true labor of love that takes place every December and illuminates Bauer Avenue, bringing joy to thousands of visitors to see Christmas lights in Hazlet, New Jersey.

With his full, white, curly beard that reaches down to his chest (yes, it’s real), John looks like a svelte version of Santa Claus. A neighborhood staple since he moved to the area in 1998, John’s Hazlet Holiday Light Extravaganza is an interactive experience that features over 40 inflatable decorations and dozens of handmade wooden cutouts. Each year, new items are introduced to keep the display fresh.

John’s creative vision also includes pathways throughout his front and back yards so that visitors can walk under and among the lights. Every night, live characters, including Santa, the Grinch, and Olaf from the Disney movie “Frozen,” make an appearance. John himself can be found darting around the premises, greeting visitors, posing for photos, and handing out candy canes to the kids.

Getting everything set up is no small feat, and John starts the work in October. The extravaganza opens on December 1 and stays open until New Year’s Day. The lights go on at 5 p.m. each night and John will turn them off anywhere between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m., depending on how many visitors are still enjoying the show.

Johnny’s Hazlet Holiday Light Extravaganza in Hazlet, New Jersey

The Great Christmas Light Fight Season 7 Episode 1 Hosts

Great Christmas Light Fight’s Taniya Nayak

Taniya Nayak is an interior designer who truly knows how to create an extravaganza. Her bold and inventive designs never fail to dazzle and impress, and her love for all things extravagant is apparent in every project she tackles.

Taniya got her start in the design world as a teenager, working for her father’s painting company. After studying at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, she honed her craft working at high-end design firms in both New York City and Boston.

Now, Taniya is a television personality, having appeared on shows like HGTV’s Designed to Sell and Food Network’s Restaurant: Impossible. Her work on these shows has given her the opportunity to create some truly stunning spaces, from cozy home remodels to full-scale restaurant makeovers.

No matter the project, Taniya’s designs are always an extravaganza of color, texture, and style. Her keen eye for detail and her ability to bring together unexpected elements in a harmonious way set her apart in the design world.

When she’s not working on a new project or appearing on television, Taniya can often be found sharing her design tips and tricks on social media or collaborating with other creatives to create even more extravagant and stunningly beautiful spaces. There’s no limit to what Taniya can achieve, and every project she takes on is sure to be an exciting extravaganza of creativity and innovation.

Great Christmas Light Fight’s Carter Oosterhouse

Carter Oosterhouse is a talented carpenter, television personality, and denizen of the miracle world of home renovation. With his impressive skills and boundless energy, he has established himself as one of the most sought-after experts in the field.

Carter’s interest in carpentry dates back to his childhood, where he spent hours tinkering in his father’s woodshop. After studying at Central Michigan University, he set out to hone his craft, apprenticing with some of the best builders in the industry.

Through hard work and dedication, Carter soon found himself at the forefront of the home renovation world, showcasing his skills on popular shows like Trading Spaces and Carter Can. In these programs, he demonstrated his ability to transform run-down spaces into stunning, functional living areas.

Carter views every project he takes on as a miracle in the making. He has an innate ability to see the potential in any space, no matter how neglected or outdated it may be. With his talent and expertise, he is able to bring this vision to life, creating miracles for his clients time and time again.

To Carter, every successful renovation is a miracle in its own right. He puts his heart and soul into every project, always striving to make the end result as beautiful and functional as possible. It’s no wonder that he has become a trusted name in the industry, the go-to miracle worker for homeowners looking to revitalize their living spaces.

And as long as there are homes in need of miracle transformations, Carter will be there, leading the way and showing us all what can be achieved with a little creativity, a lot of hard work, and just a touch of magic.

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