The Great Christmas Light Fight: Henderson, West Frankfort & Fillmore

On December 2, 2019, ABC channel aired the second episode of season 7 of The Great Christmas Light Fight that captivated 3.79 million viewers. In this episode, viewers were treated to an array of stunning Christmas light displays. Judge Carter Oosterhouse deliberated and decided which family took the crown as the winner of ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight.

The Great Christmas Light Fight Season 7 Episode 2 Displays

The Torres family’s pirate-themed Caribbean Christmas display in Henderson, Nevada, stole the show with its two-story handcrafted castle and life-sized pirate ship complete with cannons and a 35-foot mast. Meanwhile, the Murphy family, with the aid of their art class students, transformed their home in West Frankfort, Illinois, into a Christmas wonderland with over 400 precisely cut figurines, 75 extravagant scenes, and a 25-year-old Cinderella castle. In Fillmore, California, the Howard family’s light show amazed viewers with its incorporation of a giant multicolored mega tree and what appeared to be a violin playing in mid-air.

The Torres Christmas lights in Henderson, Nevada of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Maria and Juan Torres of Henderson, Nevada, were able to kindle the Christmas spirit within their Anthem home on Lochleven Way by utilizing smart shopping, adept craftsmanship, and an unexpected reward from their homeowners association. Juan Torres, 57, was hesitant to display outdoor decorations, given that his Halloween decorations were previously stolen. Prior to meeting his wife, Maria, Juan had never decorated their home for Christmas, aside from a wreath on the front door. Meanwhile, Maria had a different perspective on Christmas, since her mother grew up in Cuba where the Communist regime banned religion and holidays. In 2012, the couple won their homeowners association’s Christmas decorating contest, which encouraged them to enter other Henderson lighting contests. Maria was determined to show off their creativity and watch Christmas lighting competitions on TV, but Juan was doubtful that their yard was sufficient for the competition. They have since transformed their garage, attic, shed, and covered backyard section into a large Christmas storage area.

Juan decided to construct a 32-foot-tall wooden pirate ship that took seven months to carve in their backyard. He carved the wood himself and even tied the ropes that hung from the masts. The helm of the pirate ship was made from a $10 crib, and the sides were decorated with sloths and Mickey Mouse. Juan additionally created a life-size pirate to steer the ship, while a blue tide pool, filled with creatures and including flapping flamingos, surrounded it. Furthermore, at the front of the ship, Juan built a doghouse constructed from wood, which featured 3D-carved images of Charlie Brown and Snoopy dangling their legs. Juan handmade the picket fence and Maria painted festive snowmen’s faces on the white posts, topped off with Santa hats, and even constructed a magnificent 20-foot castle.

Despite their elaborate displays, the couple did not receive any complaints from their neighbors, who have been supportive of their Christmas lights in Henderson, Nevada. Decorating typically begins in October, which Juan does himself, while Maria handles the finishing touches.

Torres Family wins the Great Christmas Light Fight in 2019

The Murphy Christmas lights in West Frankfort, Illinois of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Candy Cane Lane, a magical and beloved Christmas attraction that has been dazzling visitors for over 30 years. Located in West Frankfort, Illinois, Candy Cane Lane is a stretch of five blocks where homes are transformed into a stunning display featuring over 500 plywood and Styrofoam characters, 20,000 to 30,000 lights, and 400 electrical cords and cables. It’s a visual feast for the senses and a must-see attraction that ignites the spirit of the season for young and old alike.

Visitors can find the entrance to Candy Cane Lane at the West Frankfort Community Park located at 1100 East Cleveland Street. Candy Cane Lane is entirely voluntary, and the event has no commercial or municipal sponsorship of any kind. It is recommended to walk Candy Cane Lane if possible; it provides the best experience since it can get very congested at peak times, such as on weekend nights just prior to Christmas, which may cause significant traffic.

The tradition of Candy Cane Lane began in 1988 at one home by an art teacher named Tim Murphy and his father, Leon Murphy. It started small with just a few homes putting up eye-catching light displays. Over time, other residents joined, and the Christmas spirit of Candy Cane Lane grew to encompass over five city blocks. Today, the tradition continues, with the City of West Frankfort carrying on the memory of Tim Murphy after his passing in 2021. The exhibit is now presented as a drive-thru with nearly 100 displays featuring Christmas lights, Christmas characters, Disney Characters, Music, and more. The drive-thru exhibit is funded solely through donations and is open from the day after Thanksgiving until the day after Christmas.

The Howard Christmas lights in Fillmore, California of the Great Christmas Light Fight

The Howard family has been delighting people with their Christmas light show for several years now. They’ve continuously improved it, ensuring it remains fresh, exciting, and interactive for all who witness it. This year is no exception. The Howard’s Christmas light show began on November 29th and will run from 6 pm to 9:30 pm on Sundays through Thursdays and 6 pm to 10:30 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, ending on January 1st. As a result, Fillmore, California has become a go-to destination for those searching for Christmas cheer.

To experience the light show, visitors can tune their radios to FM 97.7 to listen from the comfort of their car or step out and view the display. The Howards’ residence is located on the corner of Wildwood and Edgewood near Rio Vista Elementary School. They do ask that visitors be considerate and not block their neighbor’s driveways, and to refrain from blasting music, in the spirit of goodwill.

With over 50,000 lights to brighten the atmosphere and numerous new songs to enjoy, the display delivers a heartwarming and thought-provoking experience for viewers of all ages. The Howard family is proud to have animated their Christmas lights to music since 2016, bringing life and joy to the holiday season. So be sure not to miss the Howard family’s Christmas light show this year – visit 408 Edgewood Drive in Fillmore, California to view the dazzling display and welcome the spirit of the season into your heart.

The Great Christmas Light Fight Season 7 Episode 2 Hosts

Great Christmas Light Fight’s Taniya Nayak

Taniya Nayak is a celebrated interior designer, television personality, and author. She gained notoriety for her appearances on HGTV’s Design Star and its spin-off series in the United States, such as HGTV Showdown and Design on a Dime. She is also well known for making regular appearances on shows such as The Rachel Ray Show, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Live with Kelly & Michael, and more.

Taniya has been lauded for her unique designs that reflect both modern style and classical elegance – from contemporary urban spaces to traditional dream homes. Her work has taken her all over the world; she’s designed buildings for many high-profile clients including resorts in Malta and Jamaica. Taniya also speaks extensively at design conferences throughout the year as a motivational speaker.

In addition to her appearances on television shows, Taniya has authored three books: DC Living, How To Look Great In Any Lighting (2006), Passion For Design (2010) and Room Remix (2014). Furthermore, she recently launched an innovative home products line of bedding sets, area rugs and furniture pieces sold through ecommerce sites like Wayfair.

Nevada is a beloved place for Taniya Nayak due to its stunning landscapes that provide an abundance of inspiration when designing any space. Whether it be an intimate residence or luxurious resort suite within the state of Nevada, Taniya strives to leave a lasting impression that reflects client preferences while adding her own signature touch of elegance to every project she embarks upon.

Great Christmas Light Fight’s Carter Oosterhouse

Carter Oosterhouse is a well-known television personality, model, and entrepreneur who was born in Traverse City, Michigan, USA. He is best known for his appearances in numerous popular television shows, including Trading spaces, Red Hot and Green, Million Dollar Rooms, and Rowhouse Showdown. Oosterhouse also acts as one of the judges in the fantastic reality television series “The Great Christmas Light Fight,” which airs on ABC.

Aside from his work on television, Oosterhouse has been involved in other ventures. As a contractor, he founded his own company, Carter Oosterhouse Construction, which is based in California. In 2008, he created Carter’s Kids, a nonprofit organization that helps to build and improve playgrounds in the United States.

Carter Oosterhouse of the Great Christmas Light Fight
Carter Oosterhouse of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Nevada is significant to Carter Oosterhouse in the sense that the state is one of the numerous locations he visits while shooting the show, The Great Christmas Light Fight. Carter Oosterhouse, along with his team of judges, visits several cities all over the United States to evaluate and decide the winners of the Christmas light competitions in each area. The show’s judges determine which family or group has decorated their homes for the holiday season with the most creativity, enthusiasm, and impressive lighting displays.

Whether it is through his television shows, his company, or his philanthropic ventures, Carter Oosterhouse has made a significant impact in countless communities across the United States. His success is an inspiration, and his dedication to improving the quality of life for people everywhere makes him a respected and admired figure in the entertainment industry.

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