The Great Christmas Light Fight: Waterford Township, Daytona Beach, Austin & Weslaco

On December 9, 2019, millions of fans tuned in to watch the fourth episode of Season 7 of “The Great Christmas Light Fight”, featuring four families competing to showcase their outstanding holiday light displays. Celebrated television personality and judge, Carter Oosterhouse, determining which family will win the grand prize of $50,000 and the coveted Light Fight Trophy on ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight”.

The Great Christmas Light Fight Displays of Season 7 Episode 4

Among these families were the Nagy family from Waterford Township, Michigan, who presented their action-packed, high-tech display in honor of their pet dog, Prince. Their display included a towering “Joy” sign revamped with color-changing pixel lights, dancing snowflakes adorning the roof and the highlight of their display, “Mr. Frost,” a giant, interactive talking snowman made from a 6-foot-tall beach ball.

In Daytona Beach, Florida, the Nirschl family charmed the judges with their heartwarming Christmas display, complete with whimsical inflatables, a mesmerizing archway with over 500,000 twinkling lights and a dazzling interior fully coated in Santas. Meanwhile, in Austin, Texas, the Maywald family enchanted audiences with their magical light display, featuring nostalgic fireworks illuminating captivating Christmas scenes from the past, over 300 colorful blow molds, a classic Christmas storeroom along with the crowd favorite, a giant snowman constructed from makeshift tires.

Last but not least, the Banda family from Weslaco, Texas, wowed the judges with their handcrafted Christmas town, “Northopolis,” featuring a lightweight mobile display constructed of PVC pipe and cloth, along with an impressive larger-than-life Santa, reindeer, and wise men.

My Light Show in Waterford Township, Michigan on the Great Christmas Light Fight

Kevin Nagy, an engineering manager of an automotive company located in Michigan, installed 60,000 lights that were animated and controlled by 60,000 channels running from a laptop in his basement. Nagy spent at least 500 hours a year designing and developing the enchanting display and 180 hours setting it up. His spectacular creation added to the festivities of Michigan Christmas lights that year.

My Light Show in Michigan courtesy of Tacky Light Tour
My Light Show in Michigan courtesy of Tacky Light Tour

Nagy’s fascination with engineering began at the age of 4, when he had a little electric shock and fell in love with the field. He initiated the My Light Show in Michigan in 2009 because he enjoyed decorating and it started out small, but he became instantly addicted. The show showcased large snowflakes, light displays from the roof to curbside, and Nagy had an FM transmitter plugged into his computer so visitors could enjoy the music playlist from their cars. His favorite features were the 6-foot snowball that sang along to all the songs, adding to the already vibrant Michigan Christmas lights.

While it was a free show, the family also accepted curbside cash donations, which supported the Michigan Humane Society, a charity close to their hearts. The glowing house was located at 2651 Cherokee Hills Circle, Waterford, joining the beautiful and warm Michigan Christmas lights. The spectacular light show ran 6-9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 6-10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, delighting all who came to see it.

The Nirschl Christmas Lights in Daytona Beach, Florida on the Great Christmas Light Fight

Nirschl’s bright and stunning display in Daytona Beach, Florida features an incredibly large number of lights and inflatable figures. The display is made possible with over 500,000 lights, offering a dazzling and enchanting experience for visitors who come from far and wide to witness the magical scene. More than 90 inflatable figures are also incorporated into the display, each adding to the festive and jubilant atmosphere. Visitors can revel in the sights of the array of lighted figures that range from classic holiday characters to whimsical and fantastic displays. The intricate details and sheer amount of lights used in this display ensures that it stands out as an enchanting and memorable experience for all visitors.

The Maywald Christmas Light Display in Austin, Texas on the Great Christmas Light Fight

Maywald Christmas Light Display in Austin courtesy of Tacky Light Tour
Aerial of the Maywald Christmas Light Display in Austin, Texas courtesy of Tacky Light Tour

Meet the Maywalds: Rhonda, Chad, Logan, Jordan, and Jamie. For over a decade, they have been spreading the holiday cheer in the great state of Texas with their stunning Maywald Christmas Light Display. Once just a few lights, their display now boasts thousands of lights and decorations that are sure to make jaws drop. Jordan Maywald, the man behind the magic, continuously works to outdo himself each year, making the display bigger and better for all to see. Over 300,000 enchanting lights are lit up by the Maywalds. Jordan, who has been putting up Christmas lights since the age of nine, showcases some of the process on his YouTube channel. From assembling the massive 15-foot snowman to building giant decorative bulbs, the holiday fun never stops for the Maywalds. Starting in July with the trees, the family works tirelessly in November to decorate the yard, sometimes staying out until midnight to perfect every detail before Thanksgiving. To top it all off, the Maywald Christmas Light Display donates the money they receive during the display to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Come see their festive and inspiring Texas Christmas lights display!

The Banda Christmas Lights in Weslaco, Texas on the Great Christmas Light Fight

For those who are curious about the pronunciation of Northopolis, it is pronounced as North-opolis. The name was created to match the North Pole theme, as the project aims to create a North Pole metropolis. The project began in the year 2000 and has continued to grow every year, with new additions and improvements added to the display. In 2006, the creator decided to remove all inflatable figures to prioritize originality.

Although the project started as a joke for a Christmas contest in the town of Weslaco, where the creator is from, it has grown to receive recognition and acclaim. The display garnered attention, with some of the displays being featured in the local town newspaper, and even dedicated to a friend serving in Iraq.

Many have asked about the height of the figures, with the abominable snowman being over eight feet tall, the nutcrackers around seven feet tall, and the Grinch, Santa, and Mrs. Claus being around six feet and five and a half feet tall, respectively. The smoke produced by the toy house is from a fog machine, and the snowflakes in the yard are cotton and plastic snowflakes suspended by fishing line.

There were many people involved in the creation of Northopolis, including the creator’s mother who sewed the figures, a friend who helped in construction, and a brother who developed the website. The creator, Rey A. Banda, is grateful for all the support received in bringing Northopolis to life.

The Great Christmas Light Fight Season 7 Episode 4 Host

Carter Oosterhouse

Carter Oosterhouse is a TV personality, a skilled carpenter, and a noted designer. Born in Traverse City, Michigan, Oosterhouse quickly became known for his exceptional talents in home renovation and his affable personality. After earning his bachelor’s degree in nutrition and communication from Central Michigan University, Oosterhouse decided to pursue his passion in carpentry and construction. He landed a role on the TLC program “Trading Spaces” soon after, cementing his reputation as a rising star in the industry.

A Michigan native, Carter Oosterhouse has always had a particular interest in decorating for Christmas. The Michigan Christmas lights and decorations he remembers from his childhood inspired him to create magical displays of his own each holiday season. He even partnered with several local organizations to host a yearly show, featuring his spectacular and creative displays, earning him the nickname “Michigan’s Christmas Display King.”

Oosterhouse’s keen eye for detail and knack for craftsmanship have helped him create unique and enchanting light displays over the years. He has worked on several projects around Michigan, from large-scale public events to private residential displays. Michigan Christmas lights played an essential role in Oosterhouse’s career eventually leading him to host several seasons of The Great Christmas Light Fight on the ABC channel.

Today, Oosterhouse remains an important figure in both the entertainment and design industry. His passion for crafting and decorating remains deeply engrained in his work, inspiring breathtaking and magical displays that continue to delight all those who see them. With a welcoming smile and a creative vision, Carter Oosterhouse continues to spread his holiday cheer and celebrate the joy of the season with Christmas lights.

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