Promotional Discount Coupon Codes for Light-O-Rama Summer Sale August 17-29

Light-O-Rama is hosting a Summer Sale from August 17th (12:01am Eastern) to August 29th (11:59pm Eastern). The sale includes over 100 items from the Summer Sale 2023 collection page, and the new Halloween Props and Packages will also be available for purchase starting August 17th.

Light-O-Rama Summer Sale
Light-O-Rama Summer Sale

To get the sale prices, customers need to use the discount codes during checkout. The discount code “TRYFORFREE” offers a 12% discount on products in the Summer Sale Collection. Orders placed with this code may experience delayed shipping, starting in mid-September and potentially extending to late October. These orders are entered into a contest where 12 customers can win up to $1,000 worth of their order for free.

The “SUMMERSALE” discount code provides 10% off products in the Summer Sale Collection. Orders with this code will be shipped earlier than “TRYFORFREE” orders, starting in late August.

It’s important to note that payment is collected when orders are placed, not when they are shipped, to prevent confusion. The chosen shipping method applies when the order reaches that stage in the queue, and all orders in the Summer Sale will experience delayed shipping. Using the discount code “SUMMERSALE” without any code offers shipment priority.

Orders made before August 17th or after August 29th are not eligible for the Summer Sale discounts. Discounts can’t be applied retroactively to orders placed or shipped before the sale period.

If a discount code is forgotten, it cannot be applied retroactively after the order ships. Contacting customer support is necessary before shipping to rectify this situation. Lastly, employees of Light-O-Rama and their families cannot participate in the “TRYFORFREE” contest.

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About Light-O-Rama

Light-O-Rama is a company specializing in the development and distribution of hardware and software solutions for controlling and synchronizing lights and decorations, primarily for events like holiday displays, themed parties, and other occasions. Founded in 2000, the company has become a prominent name in the world of decorative lighting and automation.

The core of Light-O-Rama’s offerings lies in its ability to help users create intricate and synchronized light shows. These shows involve orchestrating the behavior of individual lights, light strings, and various decorations to music or other audiovisual elements. The company’s products cater to both residential users who want to create stunning holiday light displays and commercial users such as theme parks, shopping centers, and event planners.

One of the notable aspects of Light-O-Rama’s offerings is its software and controller systems. These allow users to design complex lighting sequences and synchronize them with music or soundtracks. The software provides an intuitive interface where users can drag and drop various lighting effects, time them precisely, and then coordinate them with audio tracks. These sequences can be saved and reused, making it easy for users to create captivating displays year after year.

To bring these sequences to life, Light-O-Rama offers a range of hardware products including lighting controllers, power distribution units, and various accessories. These controllers enable users to connect and control a multitude of lights and decorations in their displays. The hardware components can be connected to the software, allowing users to upload their sequences and control their displays remotely.

Additionally, Light-O-Rama has been known for its seasonal sales and promotions, encouraging customers to take advantage of discounted prices during specific periods, like the Summer Sale mentioned in your previous question.

Over the years, Light-O-Rama has built a community of enthusiasts who share their creations, tips, and techniques on forums and social media platforms. This community aspect has contributed to the company’s popularity and has allowed users to learn from each other’s experiences and improve their own displays.

Overall, Light-O-Rama has established itself as a leader in the field of decorative lighting automation, offering products and solutions that empower individuals and businesses to create dazzling and synchronized light shows that capture attention and spread holiday cheer.

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