The Great Christmas Light Fight: Queens, Windermere, Pompano Beach & San Francisco

Great Christmas Light Fight in Florida
Great Christmas Light Fight in Florida

On December 3, 2018, the fourth episode of season 6 of the Great Christmas Light Fight was a huge hit on ABC, garnering the attention of more than 5 million fans. The episode showcased four festive families, each with their unique Christmas displays that were sure to impress. Judge Taniya Nayak had a difficult decision to make when it came time to award the coveted Light Fight trophy and $50,000 prize. In the end, only one family could come out on top, and it was an unforgettable night for all who watched.

The Great Christmas Light Fight Displays

First up was the Mure family, whose massive Christmas block party had everything from twinkling lights to towering Christmas trees. Next were the Baus family, who brought the magic of Disney World to their front yard with a dazzling Christmas wonderland. The Mack family’s Halloween-haunted labyrinth was transformed into a stunning Christmas wonderland complete with giant candy canes and bright red ribbons. Last but certainly not least was the Taylor-Goldstein family, whose 60-foot live Douglas Fir was nothing short of breathtaking.

The Mure Christmas Lights in Queens, New York of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Every year, Joe Mure’s home on Neponsit Avenue and West 144th Street in Rockaway transforms into a magical wonderland known as the Little North Pole. This festive display was created with the intention of bringing joy to children and spreading holiday cheer throughout the community, all while raising funds for Juvenile Diabetes Research.

Joe and his team work tirelessly to create a winter wonderland that will delight visitors of all ages. You can stay up-to-date on the latest updates and sneak peeks of the display by following their Instagram account.

The Little North Pole’s over-the-top decorations are on display throughout the holiday season, and visitors are sure to be enchanted by the cheerful lights and whimsical characters. But the display is more than just a feast for the eyes- the collection box out front serves as a reminder of the charitable mission behind the Little North Pole. All funds raised go towards supporting children with juvenile diabetes, making the display an important opportunity for the community to come together and give back.

If you’re planning a visit, keep in mind that a car is the best way to access this festive display. So pile everyone in the car, pack some hot cocoa, and get ready to be transported to the Little North Pole- a magical wonderland where holiday cheer and goodwill abound.

The Baus Christmas lights in Windermere, Florida of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Get into the holiday spirit and swap out your regular décor for some Disney magic! Mickey and Minnie, resident Disney aficionados, know exactly how to make the season special with their stunning holiday decoration display. Nestled in Windermere, just a stone’s throw away from Walt Disney World, the couple’s dreamy home pays homage to some of the most beloved Disney characters such as Aladdin, Olaf, Tinker Bell and of course, Mickey himself! But during Christmastime, their creativity and love for Disney goes the extra mile, as they deck the halls with custom cutouts, Mickey-shaped “topiaries,” and a plethora of mouse ears strewn across their front yard. Be sure to visit Windermere, Florida, to experience Mickey and Minnie’s Disney World Christmas Wonderland, complete with their own festive rendition of the Main Street Electrical Parade!

The Mack Christmas lights in Pompano Beach, Florida of the Great Christmas Light Fight

It all started back in 2010 when the Mack family came up with a brilliant idea to start a Christmas Light Show at their beautiful residence located at 2700 SE 6th St Pompano Beach, FL 33062. Their love for the holiday season and the desire to share the festive cheer with others was the driving force behind this wonderful initiative. Since then, the Mack family has been putting up a stunning display of Christmas lights that has been attracting visitors from far and wide every year. As they welcome the holiday season each year, they always look forward to spreading the joy and warmth that Christmas brings to hearts and homes alike.

The Tom & Jerry’s Christmas lights in San Francisco, California of the Great Christmas Light Fight

For over 30 years, the Tom & Jerry House in Dolores Heights has been a beloved Christmas tradition for San Franciscans of all ages. The display, located on 21st and Church Streets, is a festive and delightfully tacky sight to behold, featuring oversized gifts, stockings, roller coasters, dancing dolls, and ferris wheels. The creative duo behind the display, Tom Taylor and Jerry Goldstein, have been together for 43 years and have been showcasing their intricate and colorful decorations since the 1980s.

Interestingly, the centerpiece of the display is a live Christmas tree, a Norfolk Island Pine, that has been with Tom and Jerry since before they even moved to Dolores Heights. Jerry, a neurologist, purchased the tree in 1970 as a houseplant, and Tom, a display expert who has worked for major retail chains, eventually had to plant it outside due to its size.

The Tom & Jerry House has undergone various changes over the years. At first, Tom would reuse displays from various holiday events he made for professional organizations, and the introduction of Santa Claus handing out candy canes increased attendance. However, the display’s popularity led to car traffic problems, due to the street’s steep incline and California’s car seat laws. Tom and Jerry urge visitors to be considerate of the neighborhood by avoiding honking car horns and not parking on their block of 21st Street.

Despite the challenges, the Tom & Jerry House is considered a beloved and philanthropic tradition for the city. Tom and Jerry view their display as a form of charitable donation, much like their neighbor, Mark Zuckerberg. In fact, a documentary film about Tom, Jerry, and their iconic Christmas tree played at Frameline in 2011 and is now available on DVD at the display’s concession stand.

The Great Christmas Light Fight Season 6 Episode 4 Hosts

About Taniya Nayak of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Taniya Nayak is an exceptionally renowned and esteemed interior designer and television personality in modern times. With an illustrious portfolio of projects on HGTV, Food Network, and numerous DIY projects, she has established herself as a highly respected and illustrious leader in her field. Commencing her career as a design assistant on Trading Spaces, where her exceptional talent was quickly recognized, she traversed the path to become one of the show’s most prolific and eminent designers. Her distinctive signature style harmoniously combines modern elements with classic sophistication and accentuates comfort in all of her exceptional designs, thus procuring her the opportunity to work with eminent and prestigious brands like Robert Allen Design and Uttermost. In addition to her accomplishments, she has also starred in her own shows Deserving Design and Taniya’s Tea Room on The Cooking Channel, which are a testament to her unsurpassed creativity and versatility.

Nayak’s success transcends the world of interior design – she is also a remarkable figure in holiday décor and special needs communities. Recently, she and host Carter Oosterhouse were chosen as judges for ABC’s popular and illustrious holiday competition show The Great Christmas Light Fight, helping families to create stunning festive decorations for a chance to win a grand prize of $50,000! Additionally, Nayak is actively involved in spreading cancer awareness and regularly visits various children’s hospitals all over the US to exhibit her compassion and care for those affected. She also serves as an honorary celebrity coach/mentor for Special Olympics Massachusetts. Her ceaseless efforts in these areas demonstrate the reason behind her unwavering praise and admiration from a myriad of her followers and well-wishers.

About Carter Oosterhouse of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Carter Oosterhouse is an extremely passionate philanthropist, dedicated to contributing to the most charitable causes throughout his illustrious career. He is an incredibly active member of the Humane Society and generously donates funds to charities that focus on animal rescue and senior pet adoption centers. Adding to this, he has contributed to a plethora of other commendable initiatives such as education, breast cancer research, veterans’ affairs, and disaster relief.

Carter Oosterhouse is a charming television host and carpenter, who has enthralled audiences with his captivating persona, contagious zeal, and grounded modesty since the late 1990s. A true DIYer at heart, he helps people turn their fantasies of home improvement bliss into reality, all while dedicating his leisure time to impactful causes. Renowned for serving as a catalyst for creativity, Carter Oosterhouse’s unwavering commitment to charity is transforming the world, one step at a time.

Carter Oosterhouse’s unparalleled dedication to helping people create unforgettable holiday experiences has rightfully earned him an esteemed reputation within the home improvement community. His appearances on numerous shows, including Good Morning America and Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday, have left indelible impressions on viewers as he inspires them through transforming homes into magnificent works of art. The work he has done with The Great Christmas Light Fight has brought unbounded joy to countless families across the country, all vying for the grand prize worth a staggering $50,000.

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