The Great Christmas Lights Fight: Livermore, Ellicott City, Harleysville, & Ocala

Season 3 Episode 2 of ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight aired on December 7th, 2015 and attracted 5.14 million viewers in the hour after the first episode of season three, making it the second most popular episode of the season. Four families from across the country competed for a chance to win $50,000 and the much-coveted Christmas Light trophy, inspired by a trophy that was featured on Crazy Christmas Lights in 2006 and presented by Judge Carter Oosterhouse ultimately chose which family had the most impressive festive light display.

The Great Christmas Lights Fight Season 3 Episode 2
The Great Christmas Lights Fight Season 3 Episode 2

Contestants of The Great Christmas Light Fight Season 3 Episode 2

The second episode of season 3 of The Great Christmas Light Fight features the Phipps family from Livermore, CA, who incorporate music and PVC & aircraft cable-made displays. Ellicott City’s Bartletts have unique, homemade displays ready to go. From Harleysville, PA, the Drelick family’s towering 52-foot Christmas snowflake can be seen half a mile away from the New Jersey turnpike. Lastly, the Hunt family in Ocala, FL has an amazing display with 20-foot Santa, 30k ice lights, 80k single strand bulbs and 10 thousand feet of cable. Judge Taniya Nayak will decide who will take home the $50k prize and crucial Christmas Light trophy

The Phipps Family from Livermore, California

The Phipps family from Livermore, California has an extraordinary Christmas light display for The Great Christmas Light Fight. They incorporate music and their signature 22-foot mega tree made of PVC and aircraft cables. Their display is a one-of-a-kind spectacular, combining unique designs with an impressive amount of lights. The family prides itself on its dedication to creating a truly memorable show that will have viewers in awe.

Livermore is a vibrant city located in Alameda County, California. It is home to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Sandia National Laboratories which are responsible for the nation’s nuclear security programs.

The Phipps Christmas lights on the Great Christmas Lights Fight on ABC

Livermore’s rich history dates back to 1869 when it was first founded by a rancher William Mendenhall. The city has since grown and become a prominent community with various restaurants, shops, theaters, local attractions and award-winning wineries. Livermore also boasts one of the top school districts in California with some of the highest test scores in the state.

With its close proximity to hiking trails, lakes and skiing resorts nearby, Livermore offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. The city is also home to some of the best festivals and events like the annual Grape Stomp Festival and Chocolate & Chalk Art Festival – drawing crowds from all over California. Livermore is a perfect destination for anyone looking for an urban oasis with access to nature!

The Bartlett Family from Ellicott City, Maryland

The Bartlett Family from Ellicott City, Maryland, is an impressive and unique entry on The Great Christmas Light Fight. Their entire display is homemade, with a wide range of innovative designs that make it stand out from the competition. Despite the fact that their display is entirely handmade, they have managed to create an amazing show that has dazzled viewers from across the country. From handmade ornaments to animated features, their one-of-a-kind display combined with their dedication to creating a spectacular show make them a force to be reckoned with.

Ellicott City is a charming historic town located in Howard County, Maryland. It is one of the oldest towns in the county with a rich past dating back to 1772 when it was established by the brothers Joseph and Andrew Ellicott. This small town has gone through many changes throughout its long history and still retains much of its original beauty with landmarks like its old mill and Main Street buildings.

Ellicott City is a shopper’s paradise – boasting numerous independent boutiques, art galleries and antique stores right on the main street. The city also offers great dining options ranging from authentic Italian trattorias to modern upscale bistros. During summertime, visitors can enjoy outdoor concerts as well as hiking trails running along Patapsco River that offer a beautiful view of the city’s unique charm.

Beyond its quaint Main Street shops and restaurants, Ellicott City is an eclectic destination for art lovers with world-class museums like Howard County Center for the Arts or Columbia Art Center. With tons of activities from kayaking and horseback riding to ghost tours, Ellicott City has something for everyone!

The Drelick Family from Harleysville, Pennsylvania

The Drelick Family Christmas lights from Harleysville, Pennsylvania, is an impressive entry on The Great Christmas Light Fight. They incorporate a wide variety of custom-built props and luminaries that make their display unique. From ice sculptures to treehouses and Santa’s workshop, they have created a charming holiday wonderland that has captivated viewers with its ingenuity and whimsy. Their eye for detail and creative use of lighting makes them a top contender in the competition.

Harleysville is a small suburb located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. It is known for its beautiful landscape with rolling hills and lush green fields. The town is also home to multiple historic landmarks including the Schwenkfelder library, the Emlen House and the Pennypacker Mills.

Harleysville has become a popular destination for outdoor recreation activities such as hiking and biking along various trails like Lower Salford or Upper Salford trails. Visitors can also explore unique attractions like the Joseph Ambler Inn or the Harleysville Historical Society Museum.

The town also organizes many festivals throughout the year such as Harleysville Day Festival which features family-friendly activities like craft booths, petting zoos, live music and food stalls from local restaurants. With its convenient proximity to both Philadelphia and Allentown, Harleysville offers an ideal combination of city amenities and rural charm!

The Hunt Family from Ocala, Florida

The Hunt Family from Ocala, Florida, is an impressive entry on The Great Christmas Light Fight. They have created a superb combination of modern and classic holiday decorations that have wowed viewers. Their signature feature is their synchronized light show, where they have combined thousands of lights to create spectacular effects that fill the night sky with color. From animated reindeer to mini-skiers racing down a hill, the Hunt Family has put together an amazing display that really stands out in this competition.

Ocala is a vibrant city located in Central Florida. It is home to Silver Springs State Park, one of the oldest tourist attractions in the state and widely known for its crystal-clear waters. The city is filled with a variety of outdoor activities such as horseback riding, fishing, kayaking and other water sports at nearby Lake Weir or Juniper Run.

Ocala has something for everyone – from its antique shops along North Magnolia Avenue to nearby state parks including Rainbow Springs and Ocala National Forest that are perfect for hiking or camping trips. Its art district is bustling with galleries and museums like Appleton Museum of Art and the Marion Theatre that offers indie films, live performances and more!

Aside from its natural beauty, Ocala has an amazing nightlife scene with numerous bars, breweries and restaurants offering great food from all corners of the world. With so much to offer, Ocala is definitely worth visiting if you are looking for a unique experience in a charming Florida town!

The Hosts of The Great Christmas Light Fight Season 3 Episode 2

About Carter Oosterhouse of The Great Christmas Light Fight

Award-winning television host, carpenter and producer Carter Oosterhouse is best known for his role as the host of ABC’s hit holiday competition series, The Great Christmas Light Fight. Oosterhouse grew up on a small farm in Traverse City, Michigan and attended Central Michigan University to earn a degree in construction management. After graduating in 1996, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in television production.

Over the past two decades, Oosterhouse has had immense success with shows related to home improvement such as Trading Spaces, The Biggest Loser, Million Dollar Rooms and Carter Can! His work was even recognized with an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Host For A Lifestyle/How-To Program. He has shown his passion for helping people with their home improvement dreams — from changing out lampshades to building whole new room additions!

In 2013, Oosterhouse became the proud host of The Great Christmas Light Fight — providing families across America the chance to create amazing lighting displays that compete for a grand prize worth $50,000. As executive producer on the show too, he ensures its smooth running each season.

In his free time Carter Oosterhouse dedicates himself towards a multitude of dog rescues around California including Doggy Bonez & Catnip Dreams Animal Rescue in North Hollywood and Senior Paws Pet Adoptions based in Sherman Oaks.

About Taniya Nayak of The Great Christmas Light Fight

Taniya Nayak is an award-winning interior designer and television personality known for her work on HGTV, Food Network and a variety of DIY projects. She started as a design assistant on the hit series Trading Spaces and quickly moved up to become one of the show’s head designers.

Nayak’s unique style has allowed her to work on high-end luxury projects with brands like Robert Allen Design and Uttermost, as well as starred in her own shows such as Deserving Design with Taniya Nayak and Taniya’s Tea Room on The Cooking Channel. Her signature approach combines modern elements with classic sophistication while maintaining maximum comfortability throughout every project.

Most recently, she was picked as one of the judges for ABC’s popular holiday competition series The Great Christmas Light Fight alongside host Carter Oosterhouse where she provides meaningful input to help families design their dream holiday décor — all while competing for a grand prize worth $50,000!

Nayak also dedicates much of her time advocating for cancer awareness by visiting children’s hospitals across the US. She contributes to special needs programs like Special Olympics Massachusetts where she serves as honorary coach/celebrity mentor too.

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