The Great Christmas Light Fight: Ocala, Greenville, St. George, Meridian

Great Christmas Light Fight Season 3 Episode 1 aired on ABC on December 7th, 2015 to 5.14 million viewers in the hour before Season 3 Episode 2 making it the second most popular episode of the third season. Four families from across the country competed on ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight for a chance to take home the coveted Christmas Light trophy, which was inspired by a trophy presented by seen on Crazy Christmas Lights in 2006, and $50,000 in prize money. Judge Carter Oosterhouse determined who would reign supreme when it comes to spectacular displays of festive cheer.

The Great Christmas Light Fight including Ocala, Greenville, St. George and Meridian
The Great Christmas Light Fight including Ocala, Greenville, St. George and Meridian

The Atkins family from Ocala, Florida had the judge’s jaw dropping with their interactive display that consisted of a 50-foot ‘love’ sign flanked by plasma cut hearts honoring breast cancer survivors. Meanwhile, the Pelletier family in Greenville, South Carolina went all out this year with 500 fireworks synchronized to music – a show that impressed even the most experienced pyrotechnics connoisseur. Utah’s Kuhn family set the bar high with a jaw-dropping 500,000 lights and specialty light projectors spread across their home – sure to make their neighborhood brighter than ever before! Finally, the Cadger Family from Meridian Idaho didn’t want for attention either – they rolled out an impressive array of “spinning” trees and light-up globes for all visitors to behold. The third season premiere promised plenty of excitement as these families showcased their festive spirit and competed for bragging rights in this premier episode of ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight airing December 7th at 8|7 central. Judge Carter Oosterhouse awarded $50,000 and the much coveted Christmas Light trophy at the end of this exciting episode!

Contestants of The Great Christmas Light Fight Season 3 Episode 1

The Atkins Family from Ocala, Florida

The Atkins family of Ocala, Florida have a spectacular Christmas display that is sure to wow any viewer. The centerpiece of their display is a 50-foot ‘love’ sign made from metal and surrounded by plasma cut hearts honoring breast cancer survivors. This meaningful and beautiful tribute to those affected by the disease shines for everyone in Ocala to see during the holiday season.

The rest of the Atkins’ Christmas lights are just as impressive. Their large lawn features multicolored light displays shining brightly with vivid colors and intricate designs. Viewers may also find animated reindeer or snowmen spotted along the front walk and yard, adding fun and festive cheer to the scene. Spectators should also be on the lookout for uniquely lit trees – some adorned with white lights, others with cascading colorful blinking bulbs – swaying gracefully in the night breeze.

The Pelletier Family from Greenville, South Carolina

The Pelletier Family Christmas lights in Greenville, South Carolina had a truly immersive experience in store for Christmas this year. Their display featured more than 500 fireworks synchronized to music – an impressive show that could be heard miles away! After the show, their home was aglow with colorful lights and decorations, making it stand out even in darkness.

Among the numerous vibrant displays adorning their front lawn were megatrees covered in festive red and white lights, giant snowflakes illuminated with blue lightbulbs, and two arches of dazzlingly-colored spinning stars. Even Santa Clause himself made an appearance on the side of the house alongside flying reindeer, adding a magical touch to the already-amazing display.

With all these amazing sights combined, the Pelletier family’s holiday cheer was too much for even Judge Carter Oosterhouse to resist – proving that you don’t need fireworks to make a lasting impression during the holiday season.

The Kuhn Family from St. George, Utah

The Kuhn Family of St. George, Utah has been lighting up the holiday season for years with their stunning home Christmas display. Notable features include a large Winter Wonderland in the front yard, complete with twinkling lights as far as the eye can see and vintage decorations from days gone by.

The Kuhn Christmas lights on the Great Christmas Lights Fight on ABC

Other highlights of the Kuhn’s Christmas display include an impressive 15-foot tree adorned with hundreds of multicolored lights, and a series of pre-lit trees across the back lawn, each designed with a different color scheme and light theme. Additionally, visitors to the Kuhn’s home can find animated displays that add motion and life to the front yard experience – such as nutcracker soldiers battling against wooden toy soldiers.

The Cadger Family from Meridian, Idaho

The Cadger family of Meridian, Idaho has been bringing holiday cheer to the local community for over a decade with their amazing Christmas lights display. Every year, this large and bright spectacle has drawn in passersby from all around town and beyond.

This year’s display features all sorts of eye-catching decorations – such as candy canes, snowflakes and starbursts – that adorn their façade while the front lawn is lit up with colorful strands of festive bulbs. Additionally, there are several animated displays scattered throughout the property, including twinkling snowmen, spinning stars, and Santa Claus himself!

The Hosts of The Great Christmas Light Fight Season 3 Episode 1

About Carter Oosterhouse of The Great Christmas Light Fight

Carter Oosterhouse is an award-winning television host, carpenter and producer. He is best known for his role as the host of ABC’s popular holiday competition series, The Great Christmas Light Fight.

Oosterhouse was born in Traverse City, Michigan and grew up on a small farm with his parents. His affinity for carpentry and building led him to pursue a degree in construction management from Central Michigan University. Upon graduating in 1996, Oosterhouse moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in television production.

For over two decades, Oosterhouse has worked on numerous shows related to home improvement such as Trading Spaces, The Biggest Loser, Million Dollar Rooms and Carter Can! The latter earned him an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Host For A Lifestyle/How-To Program. With each show he’s been involved with, he has shown his passion for helping people achieve their dreams of home improvement — whether it’s simply changing out the lampshades or constructing an entirely new room addition!

In 2013, Oosterhouse was cast as the host for ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight. Since then he has helped hundreds of families across America create picturesque lighting displays for their homes during the holiday season — all while competing for a grand prize worth $50,000. He also serves as executive producer on the show — ensuring its smooth running from start to finish every season.

Apart from being a successful TV personality and producer, Carter Oosterhouse also works to give back by supporting various dog rescues around California including Doggy Bonez & Catnip Dreams Animal Rescue in North Hollywood and Senior Paws Pet Adoptions based in Sherman Oaks.

About Taniya Nayak of The Great Christmas Light Fight

Taniya Nayak is an award-winning interior designer and television personality best known for her work on HGTV, Food Network and various DIY projects. Starting out as a design assistant for the hit series Trading Spaces, she soon moved up to become one of the show’s head designers.

Staying true to her passion for design, Nayak has gone on to do numerous projects in both residential and commercial sectors — from starring in her own shows such as Deserving Design with Taniya Nayak and Taniya’s Tea Room on The Cooking Channel to collaborating with high-end luxury brands, including Robert Allen Design and Uttermost.

Nayak is also recognized for her signature style of fusing modern elements with classic sophistication while ensuring comfortability throughout every project. Most recently, Nayak was chosen as a judge on ABC’s popular holiday competition series The Great Christmas Light Fight alongside host Carter Oosterhouse. With each episode, she offers her insightful professional opinion to help families create their dream holiday décor — all while competing for a grand prize worth $50,000!

In addition to her career pursuits, Taniya is an advocate for cancer awareness and regularly visits children’s hospitals around the U.S. She also donates time and resources to special needs programs such as Special Olympics Massachusetts where she serves as honorary coach/celebrity mentor.

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