The Great Christmas Light Fight: Mat Your House Be Mouse-y and Bright

It’s Christmas time, and what better way to get into the festive spirit than watching ABC’s Great Christmas Light Fight Season 1 Episode 5! Hosted by Michael Moloney and Sabrina Soto, this episode was all about making sure that viewers’ homes were “mouse-y and bright” for Christmas. Seen by 4.95 million viewers, this episode was a Christmas holiday hit!

ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight brings the holiday spirit to life every December with a series of festive families competing each week for their share of $50,000 and an awe-inspiring trophy. Through creative use of lights, overall design aesthetics, and sheer joyousness – contestants vie to have their elaborate light displays deemed best by judges whose job it is to spread some Yuletide cheer! The Great Christmas Light Fight Season 1 Episode 5 featured four families with remarkable Christmas light displays that competed for the ultimate Christmas prize – a trophy, very similar to the trophy created by presented on TLC’s Crazy Christmas Lights show in 2006 and $50,000.

The Great Christmas Light Fight Season 1 Episode 5 Displays

Great Christmas Light Fight
Great Christmas Light Fight

Contestant one was the Knowles family from Alabama who created an amazing Christmas wonderland full of lights and decorations throughout their entire property.

Contestant two was the Ewing family from Colorado who had over 15,000 Christmas lights and decorations, including a giant Christmas tree made with more than 100 Christmas lights!

Contestant three was the Smelser family from Arizona who set up a Christmas-themed amusement park in their front lawn for everyone to enjoy.

And contestant four was the Trunnell family from Nevada whose Christmas light display featured synchronized Christmas music, an electric train and a Christmas village.

The competition was intense, but ultimately the Smelser family from Arizona won the Great Christmas Light Fight Season 1 Episode 5 trophy and $50,000. What a wonderful Christmas surprise for them!

It’s no surprise that Great Christmas Light Fight Season 1 Episode 5 was such a success – it’s a must-watch Christmas special full of Christmas cheer, festive decorations, and plenty of lights!

The Great Christmas Light Fight Season 1 Episode 1 Hosts

The Great Christmas Light Fight was hosted by Sabrina Soto and judged by Michael Moloney. As these two professionals traverse the U.S., they marvel at each display’s dazzling decor – from flashing snowmen to towering reindeer! Joe Cipriano adds his dynamic tone as tour guide while Sato & Moloney make their final decision on who will be crowned this episode’s champion.

About Michael Moloney of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Michael Moloney has been a host on The Great Christmas Light Fight since it premiered in 2013 and his role is to provide commentary and insight on each light display so that he can help decide which contestant will be crowned the winner. In his time hosting this show, Michael has seen many great displays and has been able to experience the joy and Christmas spirit that these great light displays bring to viewers. His role on The Great Christmas Light Fight has made him a popular figure in the holiday television world as he helps millions of people get into the festive spirit each year.

In addition to his role on The Great Christmas Light Fight, Michael Moloney has also been featured in other great television shows. Most notably he was a part of the cast on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for nine seasons. On this show, Michael and the rest of the design team would help transform homes in need into beautiful new homes. Michael’s role was to take the lead on the construction of each home, working closely with builders and carpenters to make sure that nothing went wrong. This great experience helped Michael develop his skills as a great contractor and enabled him to judge great designs for The Great Christmas Light Fight.

Michael Moloney, born on a sparkling December day in 1964, has been creating bright moments of entertainment since 2003. His work as a designer and actor is celebrated around the world – from his memorable turns in Clean House and Less Than Perfect to captivating audiences with Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

About Sabrina Soto of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Sabrina Soto is an expert judge on ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight and helps Michael Moloney decide which contestant will be crowned the winner at the end of every episode. Sabrina is a celebrated interior designer, television host, and lifestyle product designer. Her experience in design helps her provide great insight on the different light displays featured in each episode. She is great at looking for creative ideas that are unique and can help a contestant stand out from the competition. In addition, Sabrina also looks for great overall design and great use of lights which helps viewers appreciate the effort that goes into making these great light displays.

A true inspiration, Sabrina Soto has built an impressive career since learning the art of design from her mother. Known for such works as Get It Sold (2007), we’ve seen this Cuban-American make waves in television hosting and real estate industries – expanding even further with her talents to Yahoo!. When not working away on projects or collaborations, you’ll find Sabrina enjoying all that nature offers through beach trips, hikes and inventive cooking adventures!

About Joe Cipriano of the Great Christmas Light Fight

Joe Cipriano is the announcer of ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight. He brings great enthusiasm to the show and helps keep viewers updated on what happens each week. His role as host also includes introducing each episode, introducing contestants, introducing judges, and helping announce the winner at the end of each episode. Joe’s great energy and enthusiasm helps make The Great Christmas Light Fight a great success each year.

Joe’s career in radio began when he was still a junior at Watertown High School and kept spinning the greatest hits on hometown station, Watherbury – Connecticut. From there, his success story only had one direction to go! After meeting his wife while working for NBC inWashington D.C., they moved off to sunny Los Angeles where Joe landed DJ jobs with KHTZ, KKHR and eventually ascending as the voice of Fox Television network (1988) all before becoming CBS’ man behind the mic many years later (1997).  As the cherry on top of his already stellar resume, two remarkable children were born to this self-made maverick – Dayna in 1984 and Alex only three years later. Even today, it’s hard not to be impressed by the passion he has for what he does after 40+ year career: you can still hear him putting promo spins on FOX airwaves plus both CBS & Food Network!

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