Isle of Wight Christmas Lights Smash Fundraising Support for Samaritans, Cancer and Deaf

Isle of Wight Christmas Lights
Isle of Wight Christmas Lights

For their chosen charities, the Goldcrest Close Christmas Lights in Carisbrooke raised an impressive £2,155, with a 50/50 split between IW Samaritans and The Wessex Cancer Trust. Meanwhile, Shane and Andy of Bannock Road Christmas Lights in Whitwell set a new record, raising a total of £1,471 for Island charity Saturday Club for Deaf Children. Cheers to these generous individuals who are making such a meaningful difference in their communities! With your help and support, who knows what 2023 will bring?

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Samaritans is a UK charity organization dedicated to helping those in emotional distress, no matter the severity. Their branches span across the country, including a branch on the Isle of Wight off England’s south coast. In addition to their 24/7 helpline service, volunteers provide support through email, letter and face-to-face interactions at each branch. They also take an active role in suicide prevention by providing educational training to schools, organizations and members of the community.

Wessex Cancer Trust

Wessex Cancer Trust is a vital charity located in the South of England. They provide valuable emotional, financial, and practical support to people affected by cancer, as well as their families and caregivers. This includes counseling and support groups, complementary therapies, grants for expenses related to cancer treatment and transport costs, home help services, and more. The Trust also works with young people impacted by cancer, running a center for information and support. With donations from generous individuals and local communities, they are able to raise funds through events and campaigns.

Saturday Club for Deaf Children

Saturday Club for Deaf Children is an organization that provides essential support to deaf children and their families. Through their services and programs, they strive to give them educational opportunities, as well as recreational and social activities, along with access to resources for both the children and their families. Their ultimate goal is to create a safe space in which the kids can learn and grow while being surrounded by people who understand their needs. To make all this possible, donations, grants and volunteers are necessary for them to continue their work.

Carisbrooke, England

Carisbrooke is a charming village and parish on the Isle of Wight. It’s home to Carisbrooke Castle, a historic 11th century building that was once a royal palace and prison, and later served as governor’s residence in the 17th and 18th centuries. Nowadays, it has become an immensely popular tourist attraction, hosting interpretive displays about its own history and the island at large, as well as a very impressive collection of medieval artifacts. The village also features St. Mary’s Church from the 12th century, and plenty of shops and pubs for visitors to wander around. All in all, Carisbrooke makes for an ideal home base as you explore all that the island has to offer.

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