Thousands for Oshkosh Wisonsin Kids using Thousands of Christmas Lights

13 Year-Old Wisonsin Teen’s Charitable Christmas Lights

Oshkosh Wisconsin Christmas Lights
Oshkosh Wisconsin Christmas Lights

Brody’s Christmas Lights are making the upcoming year brighter for many. This festive display, located in the small town of Wausau, Wisconsin, is bringing joy and light to those who drive by it. Brody’s lights are one of many Christmas lights near Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Brody first started this tradition as a way to bring some happiness to his hometown after experiencing a difficult year. Every year since then he has been adding new elements and decorations to make it bigger and more impressive than ever before. Despite being hundreds of miles from home at college, Brody still makes sure his holiday lights are brightening up the season for everyone.

Brody’s Christmas light display is not the only Christmas display that supports a charity. According to, many Christmas lighting enthusiasts decorate in order to raise awareness or raise money for deserving organizations. provides a curated list of Christmas displays that support charities.

For the past 7 years, 13-year-old Brody Enli of Oshkosh has been using his creative talents to adorn the outside of his family home for Christmas. He created “Brody’s Christmas Lights for Charity”, which raised money and earned him a matching grant from U.S. Venture and additional corporate donations, totaling $4,532.59 in support of the Oshkosh Kids Foundation – an organization that helps homeless or struggling families in the area.

On Monday, in observance of Martin Luther King Day, Brody delivered donations as part of his program. In addition to the money raised, he also donated 155 pounds of food to the Oshkosh Area Community Pantry and over 600 books to the Oshkosh Area United Way. Since 2019, Brody’s Christmas Lights for Charity has been a great success – amounting to $12,700 in donations for Oshkosh charities, over 1,100 pounds of food for struggling families, and more than 1,100 books for children.

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About Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Oshkosh, Wisconsin is a city located on the banks of Lake Winnebago. It has a population of approximately 66,000 people, and is known for being a vibrant community with plenty of activities for families and individuals alike. The city is home to many attractions, including the OshKosh B’Gosh outlet store, Paine Art Center and Gardens, EAA Air Venture Museum, Menominee Park Zoo, and numerous lakes and parks.

About Oshkosh Kids Foundation

The Oshkosh Kids Foundation is a non-profit organization located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin that strives to improve the lives of children in the area. They provide essential items such as food, clothing and shelter, as well as educational programs that promote development and learning. The foundation teams up with community partners like schools, social service groups, and local businesses to ensure kids have access to these resources.

About Community Pantries

Community pantries are local food banks that provide food and other necessities to people in need. They usually partner with local businesses and organizations to build a network of resources, so people can access the items they need. Community pantries have become an important part of providing support for vulnerable people, especially during times of crisis.

About United Way

United Way is a charitable organization working to strengthen communities through tackling underlying issues such as poverty, education, and health. They collect donations from businesses, individuals, and foundations to fund local initiatives that serve these areas. United Way partners with other entities and government departments to create and carry out programs and regulations to better serve their communities. Their services differ across the many countries they operate in, depending on each location’s needs.

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