Ordering Abbreviation

Ordering abbreviation is a set of letters used to quickly communicate the type, size, and wattage of a light bulb. This can be particularly useful when ordering in bulk or from a supplier who is not familiar with specific lighting products. The following are some common abbreviations used in the lighting industry:

  • CFL – Compact Fluorescent Light
  • HID – High Intensity Discharge Lamp
  • LED – Light-Emitting Diode
  • LFL – Low Frequency Lighting
  • PLL – Pulse-Start Low Pressure Sodium Lamp
  • UDLP – Ultra Daylight Longlife Plus fluorescent lamp

Using these abbreviations helps streamline the ordering process by making it easier to understand exactly what is being requested. Additionally, they help to quickly identify compatible components between fixtures and lamps as well as any necessary voltage changes between various bulbs.

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Edward Worrell
Edward Worrell
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