1000Bulbs.com: Changing the Way the World Buys Lighting

1000 Bulbs
1000 Bulbs

1000Bulbs is an online lighting solution provider specializing in products for residential, commercial and industrial applications. With over 20 years of experience in the lighting industry, 1000Bulbs furnishes customers with a broad selection of products from some of the top manufacturers, including Philips Lighting, GE Lighting and Westinghouse Lighting. While their focus is not solely on Christmas lighting they do offer a large variety of options for holiday decorations. The company offers light bulbs, fixtures, controls and accessories in both traditional and LED varieties at competitive prices. Customers can also access tools like their interactive Lighting Design Center to find the perfect lighting system for their needs.

Changing the Way the World Buys Lighting

1000Bulbs revolutionizes the way people buy lighting by providing an unmatched selection of products, unbeatable pricing, and unparalleled customer service. They provide customers with a streamlined shopping experience, allowing them to find the perfect light fixture for their project, while also receiving helpful tips and advice from knowledgeable staff. Their commitment to quality products and exemplary customer service ensures that customers can shop with confidence. Additionally, their expansive inventory and fast shipping make it easy for customers to find exactly what they need without compromising on quality or spending an arm and a leg. 1000Bulbs truly transforms the way people buy lighting, making it easier than ever before to light up any space with style, convenience, and affordability.

Through helpful resources such as their online blog, customers can learn DIY guides, product comparisons, and tips for selecting the best lighting solutions for any space. They also have an online forum where customers can ask questions, get advice from other shoppers, and learn more about lighting products from industry experts. Plus, the customer service team is available by phone and email to answer any questions or address any concerns that customers may have. 1000Bulbs is dedicated to providing a comprehensive shopping experience for everyone who visits them online and in-store. Thanks to their commitment to quality and customer service, 1000Bulbs is revolutionizing the way people buy lighting around the world.

Where is 1000Bulbs.com Physical Location?

1475 Republic Pkwy Suite #100 , Garland, TX, United States, 75150

Where else can I connect with 1000Bulbs.com?

1000Bulbs operates social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. These channels are regularly updated with news, product information and promotional discounts. Customers can connect with the company on these platforms to stay informed about their latest products and offerings.

1000Bulbs.com on Facebook




197 Reviews with a 4.2 out of 5 Rating

1000Bulbs’ Facebook account is a great resource for staying up to date with all the company’s lighting solutions. They post regular updates, including highlights of new products, inspirational installation ideas and helpful tips about lighting design. On top of that, customers can join in on conversations and connect with other fans of 1000Bulbs. The page also includes special deals, like exclusive discounts and free shipping offers.

1000Bulbs.com on Instagram


1,700 Followers / 700 Following

USA’s largest lighting retailer.💡Known for innovation and steadfast customer service! Changing the way the 🌎 buys lighting for over 25 years.

1000Bulbs.com on Pinterest



Pinterest is a great platform for anyone looking to find creative ideas and inspiration. 1000Bulbs has created a Pinterest page dedicated to all things lighting related, from beautiful light fixtures to helpful installation tips and product reviews. With hundreds of pins and boards, the page is updated regularly with new content. It’s a great resource for anyone who wants to find lighting solutions for their home or business. From inspiration to helpful information, 1000Bulbs’ Pinterest page is a great way to stay up-to-date on all things lighting related

1000Bulbs.com on Twitter


6,800 Followers / 3,400 Following

On Twitter, they share helpful tips and advice for everything from selecting the perfect light bulb to staying on top of the latest trends in home lighting design. They also feature new products, exclusive promotions and special offers. With over 95,000 followers and counting, 1000Bulbs.com is one of the biggest names in lighting on Twitter! Follow them today for helpful advice and to stay up-to-date with their latest deals.

1000Bulbs.com on YouTube


5,810 Subscribers

1000Bulbs is a YouTube channel created by 1000Bulbs, an online lighting company. It features videos about different types of lighting and other related topics such as installation tips, product reviews, and more. The channel also features behind-the-scenes looks at the company’s operations and its team members. With over 5 million views, 1000Bulbs is one of the most popular lighting channels on YouTube. It’s a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about lighting and related topics.

How Do Customers Rate 1000Bulbs.com?

Overall we’ve found 92,261 reviews for 1000Bulbs.com averaging 4.59 out of 5 stars

From Facebook 197 customers have rated 1000Bulbs.com at 4.2 out of 5 stars

From Google 512 customers have rated 1000Bulbs.com at 4.5 out of 5 stars

From ResellerRatings14,493 customers have rated 1000Bulbs.com at 4.09 out of 5 stars

From SiteJabber 720 customers have rated 1000Bulbs.com at 4 out of 5 stars

From TrustPilot 76,246 customers have rated 1000Bulbs.com at 4.7 out of 5 stars

From the Better Business Bureau 93 customers have rated 1000Bulbs.com at 4.7 out of 5 stars

What Types of Products Does 1000Bulbs.com Sell?

Light Bulbs

Antique Nostalgic
Spot and Flood
Decorative Chandelier
Decorative Globe
Yellow Bug Incandescent Light Bulbs
Picture – Exit
Ceiling Fan
Pink Collection
Blacklight Bulbs
Colored Light Bulbs
Silver Bowl
Infrared Heat Lamps
S6 Indicator C9 Sign
S14 Sign
S11 Party
Code Beacon


Metal Halide
Pulse Start Metal Halides
High Pressure Sodium
Fluorescent Emergency
Neon Transformers
Sign Ballasts
Capacitors and Starters


Household Batteries
4-6 Volt Batteries
12 Volt Batteries
Battery Chargers & Accessories

Christmas Lights

LED Christmas Lights
C7 – C9 Replacement
C7 – C9 LED Replacement
Mini Light Strings
LED Light Stringers
Battery Operated LED
C7 Incandescent Strings
C9 Incandescent Strings
C7 LED Strings
C9 LED Strings
Commercial Stringers and Spools
Net Lights
LED Net Lights
LED Curtains Lights
Multiple Plug-In Curtain Lights
Replacement Christmas Light Bulbs
Patio and Awning Globe Stringers
Wedding Lights
Clips and Accessories
Globe Stringers
Fairy Lights
Vintage Bubble Lights
Starlight Spheres
White Christmas Lights
Red Christmas Lights
Blue Christmas Lights
Party and Occasions Christmas Lights
Warm White Christmas LightsOutdoor
Christmas Light Strings – Indoor
20 Mini Christmas Lights
Purple Christmas Lights
Pink Christmas Lights
Clear Christmas Lights
Discount Christmas Lighting

Colored Light Bulbs

A19 Party Bulbs
S14 Party Bulbs
Red Bulbs
Yellow Bulbs
Blue Bulbs
Green Bulbs
Amber Bulbs
Blacklight Bulbs

Compact Fluorescents (CFLs)

2 to 200 Watt
Flood Lights
Yellow Bug Light
Plug-in CFLs
2 Pin
4 Pin
GU24 Twist Lock


Fluorescent Starters

Emergency Exit Lights

LED Exit Signs
Emergency Lights and Fixtures
Aluminum Exit Signs
Edge Lit Exit Signs
Photoluminescent Exits
Heavy Duty Emergency
Remote Heads
Battery Backups
Emergency Light Guards

Fixtures – Commercial

Wall Packs
Flood Fixtures
Canopy Fixtures
Fluorescent Fixtures
Recessed Lighting
Pathway Lights
Temporary Lighting
Protective Wire Guards
Fluorescent Wrap Fixtures
Under Cabinet
Cage Pendants
Mini Spot Lights
Landscape Lighting

Fixtures – Track Lighting

Low Voltage
Line Voltage
Track Light Accessories
Track Packs
Low Voltage Track Packs

Fluorescent Tubes

Appliance Lamps

Fly and Insect Control

Paraclipse Fly Patrol
Paraclipse Insect Inn
Paraclipse Fly Terminator
Paraclipse Mosquito Eliminator


PAR30 Short Neck
PAR30 Long Neck
Par 38
GU7 Base
GU10 Base
MR11 Double Contact Base
Mini Bi-Pin
120 Volt Double Contact
Mini Candelabra Base
Double Ended
G9 Base
Festoon – Wedge
Miniature Standard Base
120 Volt Standard Base
AR111 AR70
Quartz Infrared Heater

High-Intensity Discharge

High Pressure Sodium
Low Pressure Sodium SOX
Mercury Vapor
Metal Halide
Pulse Start

LED Light Bulbs and Fixtures

LED Light Bulbs
LED LightBars
Ceiling Lights
Decorative Chandelier
LED MR16 Track Bulbs
LED Fluorescent T8 Replacements
LED PAR30 Long Neck
LED PAR30 Short Neck
LED Decorative Globes
LED Smart Lighting
LED Rope Light
LED Pathway Lights
LED Flood Lights

Lighting Controls

Vacancy and Occupancy Sensors
Dimming Controls
Photo Controls

Medical and Dental

Medical and Scientific

Miniature Indicator Bulbs

Miniature Indicator Bulbs

Plastic Diffusers and Tubes

Tube Guard Sleeves
Dimmable and Smoke
UV Blocking
Street Lamp Globes
Hall and Porch Glassware


Linear Fluorescent
Compact Fluorescent
Lamp Ballasts
HID – Mixed Lamp

Rope Lights

Cool White


Incandescent Sockets
Fluorescent Sockets
HID Sockets
Halogen Sockets
Socket Extensions
Socket Adapters

Stage and Studio Lighting

Photo Flood Lamps
Enlarger Photo Lamps
Modeling Photo Lamps

Ultraviolet Germicidal

Single Ended 4 Pin
Preheat – 2 pin
Preheated – 4 pin
T5 Miniature Bi-Pin
T8 Medium Bi-Pin
Plug in Compact

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